Isfahan – Through My Lens

Howdy all. Yes ‘Howdy’ – not the most common greeting in Iran, I grant you. Which is going to be the ‘Through My Lens’ country of choice for August! Yes, I’m looking closely at the places I went seventeen years plus ago now giving me the chance to go through the photos I took and see exactly what I have. Because I haven’t really gone through them all for so long. I did an ‘Iran – Through My Lens‘, but I wanted to take the chance to go by location and look a bit more in depth. Which means I get to reconsider some of the photos I didn’t think worth sharing before! And some with good reason! But – some are actually pretty good!

And today I am starting with a city that is often first in the visitor’s heart when Iran is concerned – Isfahan. Now, I struggle on the spelling here because often it’s written ‘Esfahan’ and I think in the past this is the spelling I go with. But to avoid angry confrontations with spell checking, I have decided to go with ‘Isfahan’ going forward as this seems to be the most accepted spelling these days.

This delightful city has a well-deserved reputation for, well, being gorgeous I think. It’s main feature is the magnificent Naqsh-e Jahan Square, which has been also known as the Iman Khomeini Square too I believe, that’s how I knew it before doing a little research into this post. Owing to the time having past between being there and doing this post, I am finding I need to re-research all the things I took photos of to be sure of what they are. Highlights included being mobbed by a group of school girls (I am NOT making this up) in one of the mosques at the Naqsh-e Jahan Square so that they could have a photo with me. Perhaps I looked like an Iranian soap star or musician. I don’t rightly know. If I did I certainly don’t these days!

Anyways. This city is truly a treat. Enjoy!

Mountains Behind Isfahan
Isfahan Street
Abassi Great Mosque

Thanks for popping by today! May the Journey Never End!


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