Mumbai – Photo Memories

You’ve heard me complain about my least favourite city in India, Delhi, many a time. Today, let me show you my favourite – and that’s Mumbai. And I don’t know why Mumbai captured my heart in a way Delhi never did, I’ve only been there once compared to three visits to Delhi, and it certainly brought its own challenges when I was there, but there was some sort of character that Mumbai had that endeared it straight to my heart. If could to travel to one Indian city, it would be Mumbai.

The buildings are attractive in a ‘colonial’ way, but there is a sense of history that goes back far further. Red double-decker buses provide public transport, it’s a seaside city, there is the most impressive hotel in the country…. But this is a photographic post. And I only have a handful of snaps this time because it was twenty years ago almost to when I was there and it was before the digital camera. So, enjoy!

The ocean at Mumbai
Mumbai water and buildings

Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai
Sunset at Dhobi Ghat

Kids ar Dhobi Ghat
Seaside Road in Mumbai
Park in Mumbai
Gateway to India
Not Mumbai’s best side – the beach
cricket in Mumbai
New friends in Mumbai

Also, I should say here I was able to meet people which was great! I think another post on Mumbai might be in order! Thanks for stopping by! May the Journey Never End!


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