What is Makkah Really Like? – Guest Post by Tim Blight!

I'm very excited today because Tim Blight has given me this amazing guest post about his visit to Makkah in Saudi-Arabia. I think for many we can't image the Islamic pilgrimage to their holiest city, and today Tim reveals a little about just what it is like.

Study Tour to Bangladesh – Part Three – Rajshahi

So to recap on the story of my 2002 trip with university to Bangladesh, I took this trip as part of an International Development subject, around 3 weeks in Bangladesh. Arrived in Dhaka, headed south to Bhola Island. Then we returned for a few days in Dhaka. I’m putting all the Dhaka stuff in the …

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Sunday Spotlight – Samarkand

Welcome to the sunniest of Sunday Spotlights, concluding this week’s look at Central Asia. Samarkand is a city full of rich history and beautiful Islamic architecture. Bukhara has a more clear distinction between old and new cities, but Samarkand’s ancient treasures seem to be weaved into the modern city a lot more than the equally …

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Sunday Spotlight – Agadez

Hello folks. Today, a place which I can’t really talk much about with words. Agadez is a town in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the dusty, dry and poor West African country of Niger. Niger itself is one of the poorest countries in the world, the capital Niamey is a place …

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Sunday Spotlight : Bukhara

Hello! And welcome to the Sunday Spotlight. Each Sunday I aim to provide a post about somewhere in the world I’ve visited that is pretty darned awesome, in my opinion at least. I hope this Easter everyone is safe and enjoying a relaxing weekend with their families and friends. As for me, well, I am …

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Top Ten Country Countdown, Number 5- Central Asia

Yes, I am going to cheat here and instead of specifying a country, I am going to lump ‘Central Asia’ together in my top ten. Technically I already cheated when I included the UK, right? But for me, Central Asia was the ultimate in ‘different’. I visited Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan over six weeks back …

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