Study Tour to Bangladesh – Part Three – Rajshahi

So to recap on the story of my 2002 trip with university to Bangladesh, I took this trip as part of an International Development subject, around 3 weeks in Bangladesh. Arrived in Dhaka, headed south to Bhola Island. Then we returned for a few days in Dhaka. I’m putting all the Dhaka stuff in the next post. So our next destination was the state of Rajshahi to the west of Dhaka.

It was a bus ride there and I think it was a night bus, but again so long ago I don’t really remember. I do remember that crossing the river was a major deal, looking at a map it must have been the Jamuna River. It was a major crossing, looking at the Bangladesh map you can see just how wide the river is, it’s as wide as a decent lake.

Fields of Rajshahi.

Rajshahi was really quite beautiful. In fact most of Bangladesh that I’ve seen is beautiful I just have to remember the price of that beauty – floods every single year. I can’t tell you exactly where in Rajshahi we stayed, but it wasn’t in a town on city.

Rather, it was in a disabled children’s home. We shared rooms in the home itself, and it again was in a really beautiful location. The people there were friendly, but there was from memory a strange lack of children. The reason was that it was the end of Ramadan and all the children had gone home to be with their families.

Breaking Ramadan at the home.

We had an amazing dinner there when Ramadan ended sharing it with loads of people, maybe hundreds, outside. Then afterwards a few stayed and there was an evening of laughs and music with some interesting instruments best shown by photographs.

Then what? I’m not sure what we did in this region, other than visit a couple of schools as before, and we had a tourist day when we went to the Hindu city of Puthia where we saw a number of old buildings and temples.

The party came closer.
Here comes a boat with music and dancing down the river.

The man who ran the home was a very kind man and although I don’t remember his name I do remember his manner and warmth. I remember taking a boat down a river in this province and passing other boats going the other way pumping Hindi music playing and the people on the boats dancing to it!

Group on the river with the man who ran the Disabled Children’s home.
At some point we were to a pottery workshop.

And then we returned after three or four days to Dhaka for the last few days of the trip. I apologise that my memory of this particular part of the three weeks is well, rather weak. Next week I’ll be writing about my time in the capital Dhaka, learning a bit about the history of the country, seeing a cricket game and nearly dying.


Thanks for reading and – May the Journey Never End!

2 thoughts on “Study Tour to Bangladesh – Part Three – Rajshahi

  1. Some of those shots are just soooooo quintessentially Bangladesh – the rivers and ponds with the forests and buildings…. brings back some lovely memories for me!

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