Retro Vlog -Curious Kazakhstan

Hi all! As Kazakhstan has been a place I’ve been writing about of late, I thought I would share my old video I shot in 2011 (and edited a couple of years later) in this curious destination. I apologise for not being very steady on the old camera, it’s an ongoing battle for me, but it is a really interesting video. If I was making it today I would have included captions as well as my commentary gets interrupted by wind quite a bit.

Nevertheless I re-watched it before popping it here and I thought it was really interesting. You get a sense of the open spaces, and also the planning that went into Astana, now called ‘Nursultan’. The Palace of Independence in 2011 housed a miniature model of the entire city and a public official talks to me about it in the video, which gives a bit of insight I might now have otherwise had.

The video also covers my day trip to Medea, where the Asian Winter Games were once held, just outside Almaty, as well as Almaty itself and Semey and the voyages between the cities I visited. Please do enjoy!

Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!


8 thoughts on “Retro Vlog -Curious Kazakhstan

  1. ThingsHelenLoves

    Very interesting, a curious place! That poor bride wrangling a small boy, I wonder where they are now. Hopefully living happy lives somewhere!

  2. That woman playing all these different instruments is amazing. She is so skilled. Astana looks nice, the buildings are really interesting and that sun set must have looked incredible. Even seeing it in the video was great, I bet it looked 100times better in real life.

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