Eight Countries in Eight Photos!

It’s time to take a brief look back on my recent adventures through the lens of my camera – and what I’ve done is selected a photo from each of the eight countries I visited (I haven’t bothered with the two I just spent a night without seeing anything) and a short thought about the photo. 🙂

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore – Gardens by the Bay – Skywalk. The reason that I took a day to pop into Singapore was to see this place, to walk this walk. The future of public gardens or the vision of another world? Who can say? But it’s certainly different and has its own style and to some extent, beauty.

Khazorchashma - Seventh Lake Tajikistan

Khazorchashma Lake, Tajikistan. The highest of the Seven Lakes which I hiked to in Tajikistan. Although I barely made it, I still think it was a decent effort. And the lakes were all very beautiful.

Khiva Minaret

The Kaltor-Minor Minaret, Khiva, Uzbekistan. I only had three days in Uzbekistan, Khiva’s old city was the highlight, a place i hadn’t been before. It’s a beautiful historic city well worth visiting, despite its distance from the main Uzbek cities. In wonderful condition with so many highlights in a small, walled area. And this is the most famous one.

Statues in Ashgabat

Turkmen Statues – Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. These two statues, Independence Park Ashgabat depict two Turkmen heroes in, and in the background you can see the mountains rising up through the dust that divide Turkmenistan from Iran.

Dome of the Rock Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel. This stunning (from the outside at least) mosque sits on the Temple Mount, overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem can’t be entered by non-Muslims, this shot from afar gives a sense of scale you don’t get from closer.

National Library Minsk

National Library of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus. This different and curious structure contains an amazing library. And on top is an observation deck where you can get a view of all of Minsk. Quite different from anything else I saw in the city, it’s right next to a Metro station and easy to visit, but the entrance is around the back and extremely easy to miss!

palau musica Catalunya

Palau de Musica Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. The exterior of the building was curious, but the inside was magnificent modernism, even if it wasn’t designed by Antoni Gaudi. We viewed a Flamenco show here, needless to say it was a highlight!

Casais Portugal

Casais, Portugal. A brief stop on a day trip from Lisbon to Sintra and back, Casais is a seaside town which is busier in the warmer months, but was still a very attractive spot in November when we stopped for 45 minutes for a stroll.

And there are eight photos took during my time away from Australia this year. Hope you are well wherever you may be – May the Journey Never End!

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