Best of the 48 Hour Challenge 2022

You know the drill, right? Two days, $100USD in a place – I’ve featured eleven of these challenges this year and now it is time to choose my Top Five and share them again with you today! So what am I looking for in deriving the list? Well, the cities with the best experiences that really allow you get the most out of your short time and your limited money! Let’s take a look and start with Number FIVE!

5/ Lahore

Well, we start off in a brilliant city in Pakistan. Lahore is the gateway in many respects to Pakistan and a vibrant and very busy city indeed. One that I enjoyed visiting many moons ago now, click on the link to see how to keep it to under a hundred bucks in 48 hours (that’s how this works you see!)

4/ Ho Chi Minh City

The former Saigon is even busier than Lahore and a fascinating place with friendly locals, more bikes than you can poke a stick at, colourful and a must-visit destination in South-East Asia. Again, click on the link!

3/ Cairo

The Egyptian Capital is in fact the biggest of all these big cities – just realising now that they are all pretty much big cities! Of course getting to Cairo means you can see the pyramids, but wait, all for under $100???? Better click to find out how! J

2/ Isfahan

I couldn’t do this list without featuring one of the most brilliant cities in all of the Middle East, and that’s the Iranian city of Isfahan. It’s the smallest of these five cities, and although still busy and a large place, there’s something a little relaxing. And in Iran $100USD can actually go quite far.

1/ Bangkok

And at number one, perhaps somewhat surprisingly to me, is Bangkok, the crazy, colourful and amazing capital of Thailand. But it’s a city that offers so much from temples to nightlife, and of course Khao San Road is the original ‘backpacker haven’. And I would say it is the most popular destination of all five which is why I arrived at it being number one!

Thanks for popping by today! Do you have any suggestions of cities that would be doable for $100 bucks over two days? Then please comment and I’ll have a think (although I only really write about places I have already visited, but you could be setting me a challenge). Otherwise I might need to start a $2 million and 48 Hours in…

Thanks as always for joining me on my last Sunday post for the year I would say as we only have Christmas Day to go! Thanks and May the Journey Never End!


10 thoughts on “Best of the 48 Hour Challenge 2022

  1. Wow, I have always thought Cairo would be quite an expensive city! And I’m also quite surprised at Bangkok – for a popular city I would have thought that it was increasingly expensive! If you want to start your 2 million $ in 48 hours I have a few suggestions… 😛

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