2022 Travel Wrap

Howdy all. This is my final ‘written’ post for the year, although I’ll be keeping Wordless Wednesday and my vlogs going. So naturally it makes sense to do a wrap for 2022. Which has not been the year for travel at one point last year I was hoping it would be, but them’s the breaks.

Late 2021 I was gearing up for some international travel in 2022, however I was persuaded by family to lay off it for a year. It was a pretty reluctant step for me, but in the end I reasoned if I did just go any way, I would be feeling guilty the whole time I was away, and made a compromise that no-one would try to deter me from 2023 international travel. So, keep an eye on this space and the YouTube Channel – I have already dropped quite a few hints actually about my plans and all will be fully revealed early in the New Year.

But let’s look back at 2022 for today. Because I have managed to get around the country a bit this year with four separate trips, sadly none longer than six days but I have been stockpiling my leave for next year so that was always going to be the case.

The first getaway was the longest, a road trip to southern New South Wales with the main destination being Merimbula back in March. This was probably the best of the trips for 2022 as we had an apartment for five nights in Merimbula (or was it four?) plus a stop over on the way up at Nowa Nowa where I visited the Buchan Caves, where I’d been meaning to do a vlog for some time.

Merimbula is on the Southen Coast of New South Wales, just a couple of hours from the Victorian border, and obviously a seaside town. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great (but it hasn’t been great anywhere really all year) not getting very hot but the water was still a nice temperature for a snorkel.

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On the way home we detoured to Mount Kosciuszko which we hiked to the top of (Australia’s tallest mountain) which was a great achievement, and then walked back down to the town of Thredbo where I rolled my ankle and as a result we were sore for days. You know you’re getting on when climbing a mountain is easier than coming back down.

It wasn’t much time before I was away again, by myself this time, for three nights on the Gold Coast (Queensland) over the Easter weekend. Tip for you – if you take public holidays off, they will still pay you for your hours but won’t subtract them from annual leave! (Well, in my job at least – this is a disclaimer!) I took Qantas for the return trip.

It was all about the theme parks for me, and I had a great day at Dreamworld – favourite ride was the Steel Taipan – however I was less than thrilled with my day at Movieworld where I managed one single ride as four were out of action (one went out of action after I ahd spent nearly 2 hours in line for it) and the crowds were just insane! Well, I should have expected that on Easter Saturday! Live and learn!

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In August I had a very brief getaway to Sydney where I braved Jetstar simply as I wanted to do a flight review for YouTube on them! I planned to return via the train, sadly it was out of action due to industrial action on that particular day and they put me on a bus which took longer and was far less comfortable.

I basically had one day in Sydney, where I decided to see how much I could see for free. I visited Bondi Beach, walked across the Harbour Bridge, hung out by the Opera House, visited St Mary’s Cathedral, and was underwhelmed by Mrs Macquarie’s Seat whilst clocking up nearly 20,000 steps for the day.

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Our most recent trip was another short, two-night getaway this time to Victoria’s Otways, on the Great Ocean Road. This was a great little getaway albeit again all too short. We walked up at the top of the trees and went for a short hike through rain forest – not to mention we also drove on a few unsealed roads through some more beautiful forests, and caught a glimpse of a famous lighthouse – from a distance!

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And course, there have been a few ‘Melbourne Revealed’ adventures this year – some of my favourites including checking out ‘Ramsey Street’ from ‘Neighbours’, the super fun day Adrian and I had at ACMI – Australian Centre of the Moving Image – and checking out Chapel Street with Jock! I’ll probably do a ‘Melbourne Revealed’ Review early in the New Year.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who has followed and read my blog this year, and here’s to more exciting, and BIGGER adventures in 2023! Wherever you are in the world, I hope your holiday and New Year season treats you well – it can be a joyous time of the year, but it can also be a really hard time too. Thanks again – May the Journey Never End!


19 thoughts on “2022 Travel Wrap

  1. You had a pretty good year in terms of domestic travel– kudos to you! May 2023 bring you more travels, whether domestically, internationally, or both!

  2. Even though you couldn’t fly internationally, it seems like your year was filled with “local” adventures! It’s always fun to (re)discover somes places closer to home, and it’s great if this also allowed you to stock up on leave for next year! I can’t wait to read about your international travel plans for next year!

  3. People come from the other side of the world to see your country, so there’s obviously a lot to see while staying in Australia. But I understand your desire for something more exotic.

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