YouTube Milestones of 2022

Howdy all! I’ve been holding off on the celebrations for a week or two, because numbers tend to bounce up and down as YouTube removes bots and suspect subscribers to YouTube channels, but I feel confident enough today to say that I have officially passed 500 subscribers on YouTube!

In fact, I passed that number twice as I got to 501 and then it removed 2. Back to 499, but then this week it again passed 500. As of Tuesday it’s at 503 and I’m reasonably confident it’s not going to dip again below the 500 mark, so now is the time to share the news with you!

Comparing to last year, and we still have a little over three weeks to go, 503 subscribers means I’ve gained 162 so far this year, which is frustratingly around 30 less than in 2021. And I seem to be attracting quite a few bots as well because it’s really common to see my subs go up and then overnight go backwards by two or three. What I believe happens is that bots sub to YouTube accounts (it’s very common they are trying to give the appearance of being real) and then once YouTube detects them, they remove them. So YouTube do not remove Subscribers perse, but they remove the accounts which are fake. Which is fair enough and I support naturally.

Despite the frustration of the rate of new subscribers slowing this year rather than accelerating, which I had hoped for, I’m very happy and grateful to have got to 500. It means I can now post on YouTube Communities, which is basically like a message board, and I’m halfway to the goal of 1000 subscribers which is where you need to be to qualify for monetization – along with 4000 hours of watch time in a 12 month period.

This year I still haven’t managed to get overseas, which I think would probably give me a chance of having videos with more broader appeal. I’ve done a bunch more of new ‘Melbourne Revealed’ episodes, and I’ve managed to videos in Merimbula, Sydney, Gold Coast and in a couple of different spots around my home state of Victoria which has been nice.

Thanks to everyone who supports this blog and my YouTube channel, and of course if you haven’t yet subscribed to my YouTube I would be most thankful if you did! And if you haven’t checked out my latest video, which is a compilation of footage from many years ago as I tried to travel from Dhaka to Dakar (Bangladesh to Senegal) please please do! Next year some exciting things are coming! I’m trying to hold off on announcing it until early in the new year though because frankly I am terrified of jinxing myself!

Thanks as always for popping by! Take care wherever you are in the world, and May the Journey Never End!

17 thoughts on “YouTube Milestones of 2022

  1. What map app did you use in the beginning of this video showing movement from one country to another? I have been searching for an app that does that.

    1. Ooh sorry to reply slowly. I didn’t see your comments. I use Google maps and make it myself sometimes, I also use Google studio earth but I think the one u are asking about… I actually can’t remember lol I’m on my mobile right now can’t look it up… wi get back to you remind me of I forget

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