Goal Achieved – 1000 subscribers!

Hi all! Just a very quick post to say thankyou ALL for following my blog. Last week I barnstormed through one of my two main 2021 goals - to get 1000 subscribers to this blog! And YAY! I'm here! In fact as I type this I have 1010 subscribers. It's been a strange old year …

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Bouncing Into Bolivia – Lake Titicaca, Potosi and Salar de Uyuni

Bolivia is one of the world's secret destinations, I would say. When people think of heading to South America, they don't necessarily think to head to Bolivia, preferring Brazil or Peru perhaps, or even Argentina. But I would have to say as a place to travel, Bolivia is the most interesting South American country I have been too. Check out the video I've put together of this incredible destination!

Drew Binsky – One of the World’s Most Successful Travel Vloggers

Drew is a 29 year old American travel blogger, who set off a few years back now with his goal to visit every country in the world. He announced earlier this year he was around five or six countries short of reaching his goal, they included Venezuela and Jamaica amongst a few others, and he was set to reach his goal this year. Then the pandemic struck and he has been sidelined for most of the year. Recently he headed to Mexico, where he'd already been, but he's yet to take to his final few countries.

From Around the Web – Living in Chang Mai for $600 a Month!

Hi all! Today I'm presenting this interesting video. Many people head to Thailand and Chiang Mai for more than a short stay, and so it's interesting to have a reference to how much you might need on an ongoing basis to live on. Chris takes the challenge to see if he can live a month …

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