So Long 2021… Probably Won’t be Missed

So folks, here we are in December 2021, a year that in all fairness just felt like an extension of 2020. We head into 2022 with new variants hanging over our head, a worldwide increase in Covid cases and still a lot of uncertainty globally, and for me I’m completing another year of blogging where I’ve bested the previous year in terms of views, but also at the same time have seen a real downturn in views in the last six months, which is obviously a little disappointing.

Certainly in the last three months or so I’ve been rather unmotivated by the blog. I already had a whole bag of blogs written and scheduled, so it may not have appeared that way so much but I pulled back in publicising the blog which has no doubt contributed to less views, but such is life and there are various reasons behind it.

The biggest one is actually the work I’ve been putting in on my YouTube Channel. I set goals early in 2021 to reach 1000 followers on Word Press, which I cleared half a year ago and now have over 1200 I think, and 300 subscribers on YouTube which I achieved in late November. Then I would wake the next day to find I had dipped back to 297, then I got back to 300 and it dipped again the next day. But as I write I am at 320 subs and although I still have a massive way to go, it’s headed in the right direction. But it will involve a lot of time and effort going forward to get there. I would like to get there as soon as possible but I think a realistic goal to reach by the end of 2022 would be around 650 subs. I’ll be publishing a new video almost every week in 2022 – possibly every week if I am able. So there’s a lot of editing, sharing and more in store for me. Not to mention shooting. It’s also going to depend on whether I can get away!

Australia’s plans for travel to and from here recently hit a hurdle with the arrival of the Omicron Variant. In fact, I have a plan to travel (fully booked to be true) Adelaide on Boxing Day and I am holding my breath. It will be my first interstate travel since March, and the first time I will be away from home for more than a single night since then as well. I headed out for a one-night stay in Gippsland back in early November, a trip that moved and changed due to an outbreak at my work of Covid, and right now the feeling that travel plans could be disrupted and stopped by Covid is a really big fear.

Victoria is actually now one of the most open states, but others are yet to open to the rest of the country. We have over 90% of 12 and overs fully vaccinated, only behind NSW and the comparatively small ACT. If you’re a close contact now you only have to isolate until you receive a negative test. Which is not the case outside Victoria, ACT and NSW.

South Australia opened their borders on the 23rd of November, however as soon as the Omicron Variant was named, they slapped more requirements and warned they reserved the right to shut the border to other states with 24 hours notice. It hasn’t happened – YET, so I remain in a bit of limbo here. My tickets are of course flexible.

What about next year? I have leave in March and April. I have been saving leave over the last two years as you might imagine, and that because I have plans for a BIG overseas trip in 2023 but it’s far too early to write about it because I don’t know what 2022 will throw at us. Australian’s CAN travel overseas though, and at present I think it’s only Singaporeans and New Zealanders who can travel to Australia. The government halted the plan return of international students due on December first due to Omicron, set to restart on the 15th of December. We are yet to see if that date holds or not. Other countries are likely to join Singapore and New Zealand in the early New Year as able to visit Australia, I think Japan and South Korea are on the top of the list.

I should say that due to Omicron arrivals back to Australia or from other countries on the very short ‘approved’ list will need to isolate for three days and I think have two PCR tests before they can move freely, and I believe at this time only Victoria, ACT and New South Wales are taking international arrivals (other states are but you have to do two weeks iso I think).

What will I get up to in March and April? If I am lucky, a short international getaway. But, I reiterate, IF I am lucky! I am sure to try at least to get away in both cases though. I should have enough hours for a short getaway in the second half of 2022 too. There’s a lot to visit in Australia too so perhaps Queensland or New South Wales will be on the table.

And the blog? Yes, it will continue but you won’t be seeing 7 posts a week, and I will be economising my posts too. I am looking to do, as do a number of awesome bloggers I follow, a ‘Picture of the Day’ style post once a week at least, and I will be sharing all my videos from Youtube, and reviewing the places I visit and writing about my experiences. I’ll be keeping up ‘Destination of the Month’ as well.

But I won’t be going overboard with long posts. I love sharing YouTube videos that I find from great creators as well, so that will continue, it will really be about the amount of work I can afford to put in and how I’m going with YouTube and work – I have been doing some serious hours the last couple of months and I am extremely run down!

Thanks for all your support during 2021. As I’ve said before – here’s hoping that 2022 is better! I will be on Blog Break for a while – expect a return to proper blogging in mid-January 2022. I will still be sharing new videos on Friday on the Blog and I may continue to share other videos too just so it doesn’t come to a complete halt!

Thanks again, have a wonderful holiday season wherever you may be in the world – and May the Journey Never End!


20 thoughts on “So Long 2021… Probably Won’t be Missed

  1. 2021 has felt like an extension of 2020 with the pandemic, but at least from the US perspective, 2021 has been a noticeably better year, as we vaccinated much of our population and have since reopened restaurants and travel up. While it’s debatable whether reopening was a wise thing to do (especially now with COVID cases surging post-Thanksgiving), it did allow me to stretch my legs and go out more compared to 2020. I look forward to what you have in store on your blog and YouTube channel come 2022; I hope you find inspiration during these tough times!

    1. And the cases worldwide have now skyrocketed. I dont know where to look. this madness must end, surely, sometime??? I hope that 2022 holds adventures. I am worried for them at the moment though! Happy New Year

  2. Andy I hope you get some rest over the holidays.I wish you all the best in 2022. Hopefully,you will be able to go on a trip in April as you have mentioned.

  3. It’s been a really rough year in many ways Andy. And just when you think all is getting better Omicron comes along and it kind of feels like we’re back where we were. I think everyone a bit depressed. Not easy having a travel blog during these times either, you just kind of feel the depression out there. The last thing many people have on their minds is travel right now…

    All the best for 2022 Andy and don’t give up!

  4. Way to go Andy! Thanks for all the interesting posts this year and I hope all goes well with your international trip. How many holiday days do you get each year in Australia? I am also carrying over 5 days into 2022 and hope to be able to use them this year as I just could use them last year and hope to use them this year to see my family.

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