The YouTube Journey | 300 Subs! | Goal Achieved!

Howdy all! Well the year has wound down for me in terms of blogging, as Christmas is less than two weeks away and 2022 beckons. Surely all I can hope for is a much better year next year and the chance to actually travel a bit, as this year has been seriously slim pickings with the return to lockdown in Melbourne for a number of months.


I still have ONE more vlog that will go up on Thursday 12am this week coming. But the big YouTube news is that around 3-4 weeks ago I reached the goal I set for myself this year and that was to get to 300 subscribers. I am still a LONG way away from getting to the magical number of 1000 obviously which means I can be monetized (along with 4000 hours in 12 months of watch time) but in the last twelve months I have more than doubled my total number of subscribers, and to everyone who has subscribed – a HUGE thankyou! I’m very grateful and I hope you are enjoying the content that I have been churning out in the last twelve months.

That content has certainly revolved around my home city of Melbourne. Thus far in 2021 I have left Melbourne a grand total of three times, I have left the state once and I have left the country zero times in a full 24 months which I think is only the second time I’ve gone that long since I start traveling some 22 years ago.

If you haven’t yet subscribed and would like to, well I’d LOVE that! 2022 is going to see me really focus on the YouTube side of Andy’s World Journeys. I had a short camping trip in November which will start the year, after a January 6th drop of a new channel trailer for y’all! Here below are three of my favourite videos I’ve posted this year. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Fun and Hijinx from Melbourne’s most famous Theme Park – Luna Park!

2. Exploring Mount Wellington and Loving Those Hobart Views!

3. This one is Myanmar’s Shwedagon Pagoda. I edited this together from footage from 2015 I had never touched (until this year)! Special Place!

Thanks for Popping By Today – May the Journey Never End!


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