26 Photos of Ashgabat to BLOW your mind!

Hi all. Today I’ve pulled out some (26 in fact) photos I took in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, last year. You’ll see statues of Turkmenbashi, the enigmatic leader who became President after independence, there’s also the mosque he named after himself and indeed a giant stone statue of the book he wrote about Turkmen history. You’ll notice an awful lot of marble – the city has the most marble in one city in the world, and the cars are all silver or white. You’ll also notice a lack of people! And that almost every roundabout is decorated in some way, shape or form! But one thing for sure, it’s no ordinary city!

Road to Ashgabat
Turkmenbashi on top of the Neutrality Arch
Turkmenbashi Mosque
Traffic in Ashgabat
Statues in Independence Park

Shopping Mall in Ashgabat
Sail building on the hills
Mountains behind Earthquake mountains
National Museum
Neutrality Arch
Pigeon on Statue of Turkmenbashi
Ceiling of Turkmenbashi Mosque
Roundabout feature in Ashgabat

Great Patriotic War Monument
Enclosed Ferris Wheel

Minarets at Turkmenbashi Mosque
Lamp Posts in Ashgabat

Inside shopping centre
Green Book Statue
Ashgabat Apartment Buildings
Another roundabout feature
Cleaning water feature


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12 thoughts on “26 Photos of Ashgabat to BLOW your mind!

  1. This is a sort of place that would only exist in my mind! It’s nice to see something ‘different’ from the rest of the world. White and Silver cars, Marble. Not to mention, long names… Turkmenistan.
    I love it Andy!

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