Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal – Through My Lens

Lisbon had become, by the end of 2019, one of Europe’s hottest destinations. Covid-19 has curtailed all our travelling, there’s no doubt, however it won’t be making Lisbon any less photogenic. It was a couple of weeks ago where I shared my photos of Belem – you can see them HERE. But an equally beautiful part of town is the area where we stayed – Alfama.

Alfama is a beautiful area over one large hill in Lisbon. It has tram tracks running up and around it, and from one side has great views over the Tagus River. There are columns and marble and even a pool. Not sure if you can swim in it, but it’s there.

It’s a bustling and popular place. At the top of the hill is the somewhat epic Castelo Sao Jorge (the Castle of St George). We really enjoyed staying in this part of town, and I hope you enjoy my photos of the area!

For information on our great Air BnB stay there, check out this post – A Really Positive Air BnB Experience!

Thanks so much for stopping by today – take care – and May the Journey Never End!


9 thoughts on “Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal – Through My Lens

  1. I stayed in the Alfama district when I visited Portugal over four years ago. I liked how quiet and residential it was, all the while being close and walkable to the heart of Lisbon. I appreciate you sharing this quarter of the Portuguese capital!

  2. I stopped in Lisbon for a few hours during my last Med cruise. It is bustling city.. I would love to go back to explore it some more. We got lost a few times as the streets are so random and you never know where you are going to end up.

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