Qantas – 100 Years of the Flying Kangaroo!

Hi all. Well I heard today marks the 100th birthday of Australia's flagship air carrier, Qantas. Although I know that their service levels are not quite what they used to be, and that there are certainly 'better' airlines in the skies, Qantas remains iconic and one of the world's best to this day. And they …

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I’ve Been to Six of Seven Wonders of the World! (and I didn’t know it!)

In 2007 100 million people voted to decree which were the new ‘Seven Wonders of the World’, and they decided on – the Pyramids (Egypt), Petra (Jordan), the Colosseum (Italy), The Taj Mahal (India), The Great Wall of China (not sure which country), The Statue of Christ the Redeemer (Brazil) and Chichen Itza (Mexico). Which ones have I visited?