On This Day… Flying into Lisbon, 2019

It seems almost surreal to realise that on the 2nd of December last year, ONLY LAST YEAR, my wife and I were enjoying one of the best holidays we’ve had. After leaving the delights of Seville, our favourite stop last year, we took an early morning Ryan Air flight to destination Lisbon, where we would spend a week. Maria, who worked for Sarah who owned the Air BnB apartment where we started, picked us up. Too early for check in we explored the Alfama district where we were staying before going back to see what our apartment was like.

You can read about the flight here – Flight Review – Ryan Air Seville to Lisbon

And the Air BnB here – A Really Positive Air BnB Experience in Lisbon

So as I like to do on these ‘on this day’ posts, I’m going to hand you over to my only slightly edited diary. Hopefully I have provided enough context!

And so we here we are at Seville Airport! It’s a bit similar to Jerusalem/Tel Aviv airport – stuck somewhat back in time. I actually checked in last night online. Lady at reception – sometimes a little frosty – happily printed out at boarding passes. My wife up at 3:00 AM and so was I.

Taxi there 2 minutes early reception called to let us know what’s up with that gives us a chance to prove we can get up on time! I had a shower to taxi was 30 euro and took a little less and 20 minutes.

Bag drop and ID check, fast security also pretty quick it’s now 6:20 AM and I’m at Burger King. A lot of places not open – including Burger King! I could murder a whopper!

So the flight it was around 40 to 45 minutes it was I guess fine. They tried to sell a fair bit of stuff on board. The flight – we were in the first row so there was obviously no business class. 737. It seemed old the seats especially my right arm rest was half the size of my left.

The flight wasn’t very bumpy but I felt uneasy for some reason. Bus to and from the plane in both airports. The approach to landing was pretty special I guess as it seemed to go straight over Lisbon at a pretty low height.

Had to hook onto the airport Wi-Fi and contact as Maria (who I think works for Sarah who owns our air B&B). A few messages and we found her and she us and so we hopped into the quite big van abd into the peak hour traffic!

25th April Bridge

So we drove into town. It’s not as impressive as the passing over on the plane it’s a little… I don’t know. Well, we stopped on the Hill to have a look at the more central part of Lisbon over all the Hills and that was pretty nice. Maria told us the bridge (a little Golden Gate like) is the 25th of April bridge when they broke free of communism which might explain the lack of imagination of some of the apartment blocks we passed. Also a lot more graffiti and more rundown than Barcelona and Seville at least that’s how it appeared to me.

The drive was a little bit of a tour but I guess we just looked a little around the Alfalma district before dropping our bags off at the office of Sarah’s Tour Company. Still much too early to check in at the apartment.

So we had time to fill we started by getting some breakfast at a little cafe not far from our apartment. Very nice guy there who gave us a bit of information and guidance.

The number 28 tram is a bit of a loop tram. They’re old, small and quite quaint and we took a ride down to the bottom of the line. Mum apparently said that particularly this tram was well known for pickpockets and would you believe right in front of me, with my head buried in my phone as the tram has Wi-Fi, two guys did something to this Scottish guy. Suddenly his wallet was on the ground one guy was off the tram the other apologised to him quite bizarre!

Castello de Jorge

Took the tram back up and got to walk and got off to walk to the top of the Hill where we found the Castello de San Jorge –  yes Saint George is popular wherever one goes!

I thought the climb was going to be murder but actually it wasn’t too bad. More to the point quick the Castle well it’s about views and climbing walls and really not much else but you know not too shabby for the selfie takers! A nice stroll and views dates back to the Moorish times.

We walked back and found the apartment with 58 on the door with no real issues. It’s OK too early to say but I think it’s good it’s at the back of the building so in theory away from street noise and so spacious but then I did pay a lot for it too. I went for a walk and bought food to cook and so did (my wife) she went to a bio-organic shop and then we crossed paths as I came back from the supermarket which is up a pretty serious Hill!

Nice couch, big TV watch cable loads of channels. Dinner is the trademark chicken pasta of course! Despite severe lack of sleep haven’t taken a snooze all day!

There’s a little more I won’t include as it’s not interesting at all. But I do like reading back old diary entries and I hope they are interesting to read!  Check out – Alfama – Through My Lens – the area where we stayed for an idea of what it looks like!

Thanks as always for reading, take care, and May the Journey Never End!


16 thoughts on “On This Day… Flying into Lisbon, 2019

  1. Great post Andy! AirBnBs are tempting. I’ve never stayed at one because I’ve concentrated on hotel status and benefits. I also like your Ryanair review. That’s an airline I’ve yet to experience.

  2. I like your review of Ryanair, so controversial, certainly they have favoured mass travel at low cost, while making enormous profits and forcing the staff to work in shameful conditions. I have seen the decline during my time in Ireland. On a small historical note, April 24th marks the Carnation Revolution against the dictatorship of Salazar, not that of the communists, although the differences are sometimes minimal.

    1. interesting i dont know the full story about Ryan Air. My first time and so far only time on them so far. disappointing to hear they dont treat their staff well. That says a lot about a company.

  3. I actually love the hills of Lisbon! Normally, hills aren’t my favorite, but for Lisbon, I’ll make the exception! Looks like you had an adventurous start to your visit, and I can’t wait to read more of it!

  4. I visited Lisbon after one of my performance contracts, and despite being in great shape, those hills got me too! My friend and I developed a motto… “There’s only up….” because somehow we always seemed to be increasing our elevation!

  5. Crazy looking back. Early this year we were still travelling full-time and were going through the Balkans: Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and then Hungary. All overland. Flew to Spain Feb 1 and were hunting for our new home when suddenly everything went south. We were stuck in Leon for 4 months in lockdown.

    But the days of travel seem so long ago now…

  6. Lisbon’s got a special place in our hearts … that was the city from where we’ve stared our Portuguese Camino in 2018. Oh yes, I do remember those hills and that I’ve told my husband we need to take it slow because we still have to walk 620km ☺️.
    I will definitely have to read your post about your trip to Lisbon – your photo’s brought back wonderful memories!

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