Top Flight Reviews

Hi all!

Following on from last week’s ‘Top Posts’ I thought I’d look at some of my most popular flight reviews this week!

  1. SCOOT

This one is my single most popular flight review. Well, it has had the most reviews and this was done around 2 years ago now. I’d had a bad booking experience and swore I wouldn’t risk them again. BUT… in May I will be back in the SCOOT saddle so we will see how that goes! I won one of the those bidding things to get upgraded to ScootBiz (now called ScootPlus) which was nice. And not expensive either!

 2. Air Astana

Well, this one is from last year (but the post from last week). I really enjoyed flying with Air Astana, and the video on this one really shows amazing scenery!

3. Avianca

Back to 2016 and this is the flight from Quito to the Galapagos Islands, an amazing flight with great views. Avianca is actually a Colombian Airline. A few airlines to fly to Galapagos, Avianca is one of the most popular!

4. Latam Airlines

Again, 2016. I flew Latam to and from South America and this one seems to receive a lot of views every day. I found them to be surprisingly good and a great option if you are flying to or from South America. In fact, from Australia I would say they would be my first choice.

5. Air Asia

As the most comprehensive as far as the Asian network is concerned, this is one of my reviews on Air Asia from 2014, and I think is my first flight review I did for the blog. I’ve generally had good experiences when I’ve flown Air Asia, keeping in mind that they are a budget airline, but I think they do budget pretty well.


Thanks for popping by today. Of course, there are more airline reviews to come in the future, and there are plenty more you can find on my blog. May the Journey Never End!


6 thoughts on “Top Flight Reviews

  1. This is an unusual post, where one gets to read about different flight experiences. I think it’s good to share such information once in a while.

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