Airline Review – Business Class Malaysian Airlines, Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

October 28th 2019, the second day of my adventure, the shortest plane journey of the seven weeks from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

Both were mere overnight stays, both at the respective airports. In fact, I looked forward to returning to Sama Sama International at KLIA1 after staying a night there last year. It’s been my favourite airport hotel over the years, and it was another great, simple and very comfortable stay in 2019. But that’s not what this is about!

I took the opportunity to book a rewards seat in Business Class for this leg of my journey (through Qantas) as it was less than double the 10,000 points for an economy seat. At 18,000 I felt like ‘what the heck!’ and booked the flight. In reality, was it worth it? It’s hard to say, because the flight was around 45 minutes at most and so the advantage of having a large seat, extra comforts and a different level of service weren’t as pronounced.

I got upgraded by Emirates back in 2006, and until this flight, that was my only experience of Business Class except for bidding a bargain $150 to be upgraded on SCOOT last year – but that wasn’t a full service airline.

From my experience flying Singapore to Accra via Dubai, I remember only one real thing about Business class (it was nearly 14 years ago now) and that was I SLEPT. And so for me, the dream of business class was always about getting decent sleep on a long-haul flight. But that would have cost an awful lot or used more points than I was prepared to sacrifice. Still, I thought it would be nice to have one business class experience, and booked this particular flight.

I then wondered what the point was for such a short journey, but I was reassured by my father that the best thing about Business Class is access to the lounges which you can use once you’ve gone through security. It was a good thing he mentioned it because I probably wouldn’t have thought to go to the lounge at Changi, but still I would have a better seat and have priority boarding.

SATS lounge

The lounge was in fact shared by a number of airlines – the SATS lounge. Not that it made it particularly busy. There was a spread of food which was basically hot breakfast food, and it was okay, free and my lunch for the day. There were a number of comfy seats to relax in with charging points for devices and the like, plus tables and chairs for eating as well. There were two massage chairs, and yes I tried one, it was pretty good. The colour scheme was a little dated and very beige I guess, although I probably wouldn’t pay to use the service/lounge, it was nice to be away from the busy-ness of the airport and have a place to chill for a couple of hours.

I found myself, once boarded – possibly first! – in the Business Class section of the plane obviously. I was in fact in the very first row, window seat. I’ve walked through planes where Business Class has basically cubicles and close to beds for the travellers, this was northing like that but it was a short-haul flight. Don’t you hate it how you have to walk through what seems like the ultimate in luxury to get to your crappy cramped seat in Economy. It drives me nuts! But not this day!

This day I had a very roomy, if worn seat with legroom excess to requirements. You get offered refreshments whilst the rest of the plane is boarding, which I guess is nice, and soon we were off. What can I add to the story really? We flew over the very green Earth in the part of the world, and touched down the same time as the Economy section of the plane. Well, technically the back touches down first so we were last to land if you want to be strictly accurate about it!

The service was polite and friendly, as you’d expect. It was nice to be first off the plane too, curtesy of being up the front, and the bag was one of the first on the conveyors. But aside from that, there was little that was special about the Business Class experience. Which to my way of thinking reinforces the main point of taking Business Class is so that when you take a long flight, you are a lot more comfortable and therefore more able to get some proper sleep! Having said THAT – it’s all a matter of degrees, a regardless of the flight time, Business Class is always going to be more comfortable and an easier, more relaxed flying experience. It also will be significantly more expensive!

Thanks for reading about this journey – it IS all about the Journey!

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