Airline Review – SCOOT Airlines

Howdy all. I guess now that I’m home it’s ‘review season’, and I like to start with the airlines. Followers of the blog may know that when it comes to SCOOT I boarded the plane already having a big issue with them with you can read about HERE. Short summary – was due to fly all the way to Jaipur with SCOOT, but they stopped flying Singapore to Jaipur, the first flight cancelled was the one on the day I was travelling I think. So I ended up, after a longwinded and frustrating series of phone calls, flying only as far as Kuala Lumpur and then taking Air Asia to Jaipur.

But this is the experience of taking the airline rather than booking the airline. And for the leg Melbourne to Singapore I was lucky enough to successfully bid for SCOOT Biz, the SCOOT Airlines’ business class. It’s certainly not the equivalent of a full service airline business class, but it is larger seats, better service with checked bags and meals thrown in. Unfortunately I’d already paid for that, but it was only $150AUD for the better seat with much more room and it was still worth it.

Aboard SCOOT to Singapore – in SCOOT BIZ.

When I checked in I received a window seat which was nice. By the time I had arrived at the gate however, I had lost it (I was told because someone else requested it and they hadn’t received an upgrade, they had paid outright for business. That was by one guy, another told me someone had preselected the seat), and not only that I lost my window seat that I preselected and paid for on the second flight, Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

So I wasn’t happy about that, but you know, it was the start of the trip and I could accept it without too much regret. The business class formation was three rows, 2 – 3 – 2. I ended up with the middle seat in the third row, but there was a couple on the two outer seats, so I swapped with one of them and ended with an aisle seat so they could sit next to each other. As my seat had been a last-minute reassignment, it all seemed strange.

SCOOT Biz. Sadly didn’t get a decent photo of it.

I usually write the plane type down in my diary, but I appear to have neglected to do so in this case. I think it was the Boeing 778 or 777 Dreamliner. It was a smooth and comfortable flight in SCOOT Biz. Around 8 hours, it was nice getting priority boarding and disembarkation, the service was okay – the cabin crew weren’t as attentive as you’d expect in a full service business class, but at least they were usually handy, even though I can’t recall needing them.

Plane waits in Singapore.

The second flight was an Airbus A320, and I was back in Economy and therefore in much more familiar surroundings. The legroom was very tight – in fact I took Air Asia the next day and can definitely say that SCOOT was worse for legroom. I’m not tall (5’7”) and still my knees were pressed up against the seat in front of me.

On the positive side, the gate was next to the one I had arrived in Singapore on, and with security at the gate it was an easy process to transfer, which hasn’t been my recent experience in airports such as Auckland or Hong Kong.

A320 3 – 3 configuration.

The configuration was 3 – 3 on the flight. It’s one long plane of 3 – 3, which I find a bit soulless to be honest. And SCOOT had the restriction of no headphones/earphones during take-off or landing, which of course encompasses around 30 minutes over all. I found this very odd, never had it before. I like to listen to music on take-off and sometimes landing. It relaxes me.

The flight was a short one, less than an hour from memory, and both had been basically on time. SCOOT lands in KLIA2, although it said KLIA Terminal 2 on the original ticket/booking which I took to mean Terminal 2 at KLIA. Which may not exist. KLIA2 is in fact a separate airport for the low-cost carriers, although some I think still use KLIA. I was a little disorientated because of this, and it could have been made clearer where I was landing. In fact, I had checked with SCOOT staff who seemed to think I’d be arriving at KLIA.

There was a short service for snacks and Duty Free on the second flight, but it was basically a case of up and down so it didn’t last for long.

So. SCOOT. Would I recommend them? Certainly not after the fiasco of the flight cancelling. The inflight experience was fine. They were more or less on time. The food actually was not too bad. They didn’t lose my bag. Just be aware, like any budget airline, if you have an issue the customer service is quite deplorable and it probably won’t be solved to your 100% satisfaction.

You get what you pay for when it comes to airlines. If it’s a good day you’ll have no issues, it will be smooth and on time. If it’s a bad day, well, good luck!

Thanks for reading, and of course, May the Journey Never End!

6 thoughts on “Airline Review – SCOOT Airlines

  1. Shame that you had the experience that you did with them. I didn’t realise KLIA was a separate airport – I thought it was just a new terminal at the main KLIA?

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