Break up your trip – at the Transit Aerotel, Changi, Singapore!

Travelling home from your destination can take quite a while, especially when you live in Australia and Europe is so far away. Luckily Changi Airport in Singapore has the perfect tonic - a transit hotel where you can get some much-needed Zzzzs!

Hellamarine – Melbourne’s Mad Airport

Hey all. Well it’s official, I think. I think I hate my home airport, Melbourne’s Tullamarine. There are plenty of reasons not to like it, but after my last trip there, I’m pretty much fed up. There are two pressing issues with Melbourne’s main international airport. The first is the distance. Having to get there …

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Dubai, or not Dubai? The Stopover Question!

When travelling from Australia or eastern Asia to Europe, there are number of possible airlines and routes to get you there, and one of the most popular, usually flying Emirates, is to go via Dubai. Emirates connects a large number of European cities to a large number of Asian/Australian towns. And I always hear people …

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Airline Review – Air Asia KL to Jaipur (also KLIA2)

Hi all. Time for another (sigh) review. Air Asia would be the carrier to get me from South East Asia to India, after my SCOOT flight was cancelled when they decided to stop flying the route. I needed quickly to find another option, and so it was I rerouted to Kuala Lumpur and then took …

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