Ethiopia – Through My Lens – The Simien Mountains

Howdy all. Another selection of photos for you, basically a selection of photos of my trek in Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains. We began in Debark, took a minibus to Sanakabar Camp at the start of the first day, loaded up donkeys there and began the trek. We averaged around 20km a day, staying at three camps. The final day we hiked from Sankabar back to Debark. It was an incredible challenge, but it was four of the most rewarding days of my life. I hope you enjoy!

Day Zero – In Debark

Debark from hotel window.
The town of Debark, embarkation point.
Getting supplies in Debark, night before embarkation.

Day One – From Sankabar to Geech Camp

Trekking, cameras out, day one of hike.
Day one. Driven to Sankabar camp to start the trek.
Day One, our scout stands atop the mountains.
Approaching Geech Camp, Day One.
Geech camp with tents set up, going into the evening of Day One.

Day Two – Geech Camp to Chenek

Cows snacking in the Simiens.
Day Two end at Chenek camp.
Our guide, day two.


Day Two, moonscape like land.
A goat gets a little stuck, day two.
Morning Day Two at Geech Camp.

Day Three – Chenek to Sankabar

Day Three evening at Sankabar camp.
Through the rocks.
Day Three, trudging along the track.
Scout takes a break

Final Day – Sankabar to Debark

Long road from way above
A pick up we passed on the third day.
Sankabar the morning of the Final Day.

Last Day we pass a village way below.


Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend, and May the Journey Never End!

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