Sunday Spotlight – Rouen

Hello and welcome to another ‘Sunday Spotlight’! This time I go back to June this year, so not far back at all really! To France, to Normandy, to a small city with a past tied up with perhaps France’s most revered woman – Joan D’Arc.

If you want to learn about Joan of Arc, well there are plenty of opportunities to do so in Rouen. The main cathedral in town is the Notre Dame Cathedral – I know, it sounds somewhat familiar. Inside it’s really quite magnificent as a cathedral with its stained glass windows and organ. It was designated in 1862, work first begun n 1030, and at 151 metres is the sixth tallest church in the world!

And it also has a little section to the right side with information of Joan of Arc. If that isn’t enough for you, well, the is an interactive museum just around the corner which is probably aimed at kids (which is why I didn’t visit it) but might be interesting none the less.

The tower where Joan of Arc was imprisoned before her execution used to have a little museum inside. Today, however, although you can enter it’s now been converted to be some sort of game which people pay quite a few Euro to play and you have to escape from a room below – well that’s as near as I understood the explanation.

Some other highlights include –

The Old Town. With its magnificent clock and arches, it’s really a pleasure to walk leisurely through this part of town. There are a number of eateries here and a couple of nice creperies if they grab your fancy.

The Market. It bustles of a Sunday morning with activity (which is nice because so much of France is closed on a Sunday). There is ice cream and lots of fruit and vegetables on sale. It’s next to the modern Joan of Arc Church, and the square has some wonderful buildings on its borders, and a few restaurants and eateries on their ground floors.

The Architecture. Look, just walking around with buildings that – if they were in England at least – would be classed as Tudor era. The combination of white panels mixed with brown support beams. Pretty awesome in my book. The best example is a building you can enter into its courtyard, called ‘Aitre Saint Marclou’.

And… there is more. The city hall is rather an impresive gothic building (Rouen seems to combine Tudor with gothic quite successful). You can walk by the River Seine with is quite glorius on a sunny afternoon. There are a number of small museums and art galleries too if time permits.

So, all in all Rouen is a pretty splendid place! Thanks for taking time to stop by this Sunday, and May the Journey Never End!

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