Ethiopia Through My Lens – Gondar

Located in the north-east of Ethiopia, Gondar is an interesting town with its own castle Fasilides Castle, founded by the Emperor of the same name who founded both the castle and the town. The town was founded in 1635.

Arches across the road around the castle grounds.

Grounds of the castle.

The castle is interesting because it is strangely European in style and there are some large grounds to roam around.

It’s not overly big, and is more a springboard for those wanting to head off to the Simien Mountains (this should be next week’s post), but there’s enough in the surrounds to garner interest for a few days.

Fasilada’s baths are used every so often for baptising and are just a couple kilometres from the centre of town. The tree roots grow through the rocks, it’s quite a special little place.

A little further outside town was an interesting monastery, past a bunch of huts. Many of the churches in Ethiopia are circular. 

There’s also an interesting market with loads of different foods and especially spices.

Sunset over Gondar.
Spices at the Gondar Market.

But enough rabbiting on! This is supposed to mostly be a pictorial post! Thanks for stopping by, and May the Journey Never End!

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