Accommodation Review – Hotel La Cupula, Copacabana, Bolivia

When planning a stop on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia I found this hotel and immediately was entranced by it on the web. The photos of it made it look absolutely amazing. As photos often do when they are chosen and formatted for a business website.
The website is here – Hotel Cupula. You’ll see what I mean it’s wonderful use of white and stained glass windows makes it look amazing. Price for a single? $19US. So the question is – was it accurate? Because if it was, well, $19US is a hell of a good price.
Short answer – Yes, it was well worth it. One of my favourite places of the trip I stayed at. The only downside really was the location. It’s not far from the centre of the small town of Copacabana, maybe 15 minutes’ walk, but it is uphill. Copacabana is on the shore of Lake Titicaca, just over 3,800 metres in elevation, so walking through a hilly town uphill left me (and others) a little short of breath.
This is pretty much where the criticisms end. It’s a strange beast of a place, sort of hotel-like and sort of hostel-like. You can cook your own meals there, which I did over a couple of nights to save a bit of cash. The kitchen was a little basic, but still I was able to turn out a pretty decent pasta which lasted me a few nights. There are rooms with shared bathroom as well, cheaper than the ones with bathroom. I had one with bathroom happily. And there’s a TV room too where you can choose from a decent collection of dvds, and there are some guide books also for reference should you need them.
The reception is pretty friendly and happy to help you out, and there was a laundry service as well. The receptionist provided a map and information for the Isla Del Sol, which people tend to visit (by boat) from Copacabana. Copacabana has a church and a market and a couple of nice hikes, but is not packed with attractions. Not a bad place to chill for a few days though.

The garden overlooks the lake. It’s pretty awesome.
Llamas share the hotel’s garden.

And Hotel La Cupula has a garden (with llamas!) where you can chill for hours, even has some hammocks. The sun is fierce though at altitude so don’t forget the sun block. The garden and hotel have a suburb view across the lake and town. It’s really beautiful.
There’s also a restaurant, bookings are advisable in the evening, and it’s as good if not better than any restaurant you’ll find in town. I’m not saying the town is for fine diners, but at least you can eat pretty well at the restaurant. The prices may seem initially expensive but they are comparable to prices in town.
The room – well I had a double I think it was, two beds (twin). I can’t remember if that was because they were out of singles. Initially they wanted me to swap but in the end I had the same room for all three nights. It was just off the entrance to the place. It was a little noisy at times but not overly so. There was no air-conditioner but it wasn’t needed – it was a little chilly at nights.
The bathroom was a good size and water pressure and temperature was good. The wifi, on the other hand, wasn’t great (especially for uploading photos to Dropbox). It was better in different parts of the hotel (there were around half a dozen wifis to log onto) and it even reached the garden which was on the other side of the dusty dirt road.
I was very happy there and would have happily stayed another couple of nights and just chilled out at the hotel if I had had the time. It provides for people who like different standards and to cook or eat at a hotel restaurant, it’s very comfortable and welcoming.

Andrew’s Ratings:
Value for Money: 4/5
Noise: 4/5
Friendliness/Service: 4.5/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Location: 3.5/5
Total: 20/25 (80/100)

Thanks for reading, May the Journey Never End!

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