Travel Video – Swimming With Sea Lions, Galapagos


Howdy All

Back with another video I compiled in the last week or so showing sea lions on Isla San Cristobel, Galapagos. This is the first real run my action camera got – although the land stuff is mostly shot on my Nikon 3300. If you’re interested in what I used of course.

I shot with a Kaiser Baas action camera and honestly, although the results here are quite good I wish I’d spent the extra money on the GoPro. Why? Well, on my first attempt to use the thing underwater it gave me the message ‘Card Error’ seconds before I jumped in. It happened again before I boarded the boat to go under Iguazu. That time I quickly formatted the card with everything on it already saved to DropBox. It was next to impossible to see the screen underwater and not much better above if there was any sun.

BUT this post is not about my equipment issues. It’s about an amazing time I had one particular October day, 2016, on San Cristobel Island in the Galapagos, Ecuador! Enjoy, and May the Journey Never End!

8 thoughts on “Travel Video – Swimming With Sea Lions, Galapagos

  1. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    What a magical experience this must have been Andy! And considering you weren’t entirely happy with the equipment etc, the video is still awesome and I would love to be able to one day add something like this to my collection of travel memories captured!

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