Adventure in Cameroon – Douala and Kribi!

Today's video is the first half of my trip in 2011 to Cameroon, and sees me visit Douala, where the main airport is and the biggest city in Cameroon, and Kribi, in the south not too far from the border with Gabon.

A Day Trip to Victoria’s Twelve Apostles

a great destination in Victoria, the state of Australia in which I live, is along the southern coast in the western part of the state, along the famous 'Great Ocean Road'. The scenery is truly epic in this part of the state, the rugged cliffs mixed in with some surprisingly nice beaches, and these sort of monoliths out in the ocean, parts of land that so far have defied erosion, known as the 'Twelve Apostles'.

Brand New Vlog – Trams, Elevators and Palaces – Lisbon and Sintra

Yes, it's time for another Friday Vlog, and today I'm excited to share my Vlog on Lisbon and a side trip to the mountainous town of Sintra. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. I happened to take a fair bit of footage in Lisbon which helps, and the fact that the city …

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From Around the Web – Flying into Bhutan

Hi all. An occasional post I'm planning on bringing you - little bits and bobs from around the web which I found interesting. Today, Youtuber Sam Chui's video flying into Paro, Bhutan. It's an amazing approach around the through the mountains. My jaw dropped to the ground when I watched this, so please do, and …

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