Travel Videos – Silver Mine, Potosi

travel-videos-potosi-banner-copyHi folks.

As a follow up to my Wednesday post this week, I have made a short video shot in the mine in Potosi. I thought also that I’d like to include this amazing documentary I saw when I was in Bolivia about the life of children working in the Potosi Silver Mines. It turned out, however, that the full movie was unavailable on a streaming service such as Youtube.

Nevertheless, I did find a short video of clips from the documentary that runs a little under six minutes. Please do take a watch because it’s powerful stuff, and if you get the chance to hunt out the full documentary, I thoroughly recommend it.

Firstly, here’s my own very short video to give you a taste of what it’s like walking through the mines. It’s around 2 minutes.

And here is the video from ‘The Devil’s Miner’, produced in 2005. If you’re interested do please seek out the full movie.

Thanks for stopping by today, May the Journey Never End.

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