Essential Tips for Travel to Bolivia

Bolivia is full of rewarding places to visit. I strolled through in a little less than two weeks and probably should have stayed longer. Like quite a bit of the continent, it’s at altitude, from Lake Titicaca in the north of the country, to the salt plains in the south. There's so much in this country that you probably never realised. So read on to find out what, where and how!

Travel Itineraries – Bolivia

It’s been a while since I did a ‘Travel Itineraries’ post, so I thought it was time I looked at some of my itineraries in various places that I’ve been again. And for no particular reason, I decided to start with Bolivia today. Bolivia is a land-locked country in South America, and one that’s mostly …

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On the Buses – Bolivia

Howdy all. Back again looking at how it was crossing South America by bus. Last week I looked at Peru and Ecuador, today I continue southward through Bolivia. I expected to write about Bolivia and Argentina together but it turned out there was quite a bit to write about Bolivia on its own, so Argentina …

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Accommodation Review – Hotel Jerusalen, Potosi, Bolivia

Sometimes you don’t get to stay at the place you want to. Sometimes, that turns out to be a blessing in disguise, sometimes… not so much. This was one of those times. The second one that is. Not to say that Hotel Jerusalen was a horrible hotel, it wasn’t. But neither was it amazing, or …

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Thoughts on the Silver Mine Tour in Potosi

Potosi, Bolivia, a pleasant enough town in the centre, but the chief reason for tourists to go is to take a tour in the silver mines in the hills that surround this town. And that’s why I stopped there. Why did I want to visit a silver mine? Well, to be honest, it was something …

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Potosi and Mine Tour with Big Deal Tours

​ Potosi is not a bad place really, surrounded by stunning, rocky mountains with a nice centre of town (I've found this is common in every South American city/town I've visited) but Potosi's fame comes from the minerals and metals found inside the surounding hills, that brought and still brings wealth to the people.  The …

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