Faces of Iran


Welcome to another ‘Faces of’ post – this time I’m looking at the faces I saw in Iran. Iran was simply amazing, and perhaps the most amazing thing about Iran was the people. They were always friendly, smiling and happy to be photographed!
iran faces 1

A couple of young girls at Persepolis.
iran faces 2

I stayed with a family in Kerman, and here is the greater family peeling potatoes for the special Persian dish Abgusht.  iran faces 3

Two gentlemen in a house in the cliffs in Kandovan.iran faces 4

A young couple on the bus to Tabriz.iran faces 5

A school class visiting Naqsh-e Rustam.
iran faces 6A group of university students studying English.iran faces 7

A group of students who encircled me for a photo in Isfahan.iran faces 8

English students in Tabriz.iran faces

Matriarchs of the family I stayed with in Kerman.


Well, I hope today’s faces were interesting and opened a little bit of this amazing country for you! May the Journey Never End!

iran banner

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  1. Hi Andy, wonderful photos as always. I hope you will see my comment in due course that your comments on were going into my spam folder. 😦 Thankfully I spotted them and sorted the problem. 2 things struck me about these faces: warmth and with the women; good looks. Actually make that 3 – you could drown in some of the eyes, so big and deep and mesmerising.

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