Throwback Thursday – The Interac Experience

I’ve never done a ‘Throwback Thursday’ before, so here goes. I’ve put all my experiences with Interac, the company I thought English in Japan for for two years, into this post. I’ve noticed that they continue to get a bit of traffic even a year or more since I posted them, and I thought it would make them into a better resource for anyone thinking of working in Japan and more importantly working for Interac.


You might not have heard of Interac before. I hadn’t before I started looking for work in Japan. They have been around since the 1970s I think though, and today are the second largest employer of ESL teachers in Japan behind the JET Program. There are a number of pluses and minuses. This six part series of articles I wrote examines them through my personal experiences with Interac. Why is it called Interac when that’s not really a word? I have no idea. Unless it was supposed to be ‘Interact’ but the company misspelt its own name!

My school from afar
My school from afar

So, here are the six posts in order. I hope that they help some people to make an informed decision about who to go with in Japan!

Part One – Arrival and Orientation

Part Two – Settling In

Part Three – School Begins!

Part Four – Lesson Planning

Part Five – Training and Observation

Part Six – Ongoing Issues, Students and More

japan banner

Take care – and May the Journey Never End!

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