A Work in Progress

Hello folks! Just a quick little blog post to welcome to you the week starting Monday the 27th of July. Hope you are well and warm wherever you may be. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, there’s a much higher chance of that as I sit at my computer with my heater warming my feet in Melbourne!

I hope you like the changes to my blog. It’s strange – I had been meaning to make a series of changes for 12 months but hadn’t go into it, then one night I decided to do it and BANG! Sometimes, making the main decision is what you have to do.

Next blog post will be Wednesday with another chapter in being scammed in India, but what has been taking up a fair bit of my time is creating pages for different countries listing the different posts by country. If you look at the black menu bar you’ll see a pull-down menu labelled ‘countries’. I’ll try to add one or two a day until I’ve covered all that I’ve visited. Then I’ll created another menu for different series that I’ve written, for example ‘The Interac Experience’ or ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ – there are actually quite a few.

Here are some of the pages – click on the banners – which have a number of posts (unlike poor Romania which has one!). See you on Wednesday, and may the journey never end!

japan banner egypt banner myanmar banner banner Sri lanka


ghana banner India banner

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