Accommodation Review – Agga Youth Hotel, Yangon

Well, I didn’t find this place in my guide book, but it seemed to fit what I needed and I found it online by chance. It had a nice website and it looked new and pretty clean, and it was both those things, although it wasn’t quite as I expected it. Still, Yangon may not be the capital of Myanmar any more, but it is still the biggest city in the country.


It’s a big place quite suitable for those trying to keep a lid on their budget. There are a selection of rooms, and for a bit over $20 a night I had a pokey single with my own bathroom, TV and fridge. So, for the price the amenities were pretty decent. The bathroom was a bit humid and basic, with a vent running through it (dangerous for those tall folk out there!), but ok, and things seemed relatively new.

The room had a single bed and air conditioning. It wasn’t wider than two single bed or longer than two either. Well, maybe a touch wider. But it was clean and cleaned daily, the biggest issue was the thin walls, I could hear the TV from next door. I gather some of the people there were a bit sick too, it seemed in Yangon a lot of tummy bugs going around.

agga 1

Cheaper rooms had shared facilities, so if you are looking for a single room under twenty dollars in Yangon, this might just be the place, although there are cheaper places around that are probably not so nice. The location is down a small street not far from a cinema but not really in the thick of the Yangon action. Catching taxis isn’t so easy because horizontal streets alternate directions from one to the next – they are all one way. But still, it’s not the worst location in the city either which is quite spread out anyways.

It’s a tall, thin building with seven or eight floors of room, a nice reception area on the ground floor and a restaurant on the top floor. Yes, there is a lift. There was a power failure whilst I was there, and a backup generator whirred into action almost immediately which is good because you don’t want to be stuck in the lift. Yes, there are stairs as well! And with just one lift, half the time I gave up waiting and took the stairs.


The staff were very friendly, helpful and chatty, and it definitely felt like a backpacker place, unlike every other place I stayed at in Myanmar except for Nyaung U (May Khar Lar Guesthouse) and that’s a good and bad thing. It wasn’t the sort of place though that backpackers were getting to know each other though, there wasn’t a chilled common area or something like that. The restaurant seemed ok and clean, but with my nut allergy they didn’t want to serve me anything just in case! The restaurants around (and there are a few) seemed ok, and pretty decent variety.

All in all, the place was a decent option and I’d stay there again, because it gave me what I needed without really excelling at any one thing.

Andrew’s ratings:

Value for money – 3.5/5

Cleanliness – 4/5

Service/Friendliness – 3.5/5

Location – 2.5/5

Noise/Sleep Quality – 2.5/ 5

TOTAL – 16 / 25; (64 / 100)

Cost: $25 a night [with shared bathroom starts at $16 a night] Breakfast included

I stayed from 3/3/2015 to 5/3/2015

Agga Youth Hotel Website

May the journey never end!



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