Royal Flower Guesthouse – Accommodation Review

My recent trip had me three nights in Bangkok before taking a flight to Mandalay in Myanmar and the start of my Burmese leg. On the day I arrived I took a taxi into town, and then I took a share taxi up the hill to the hill station of Pyin Oo Lwin. Here it was significantly colder than Mandalay and Bangkok, especially at night. I regretted, briefly, not packing more warm clothes especially pyjamas. On the other hand, with temperatures in the mid-20s during the day time and sunny, and cool evenings letting you sleep well, it was just about the perfect climate in my book.

View from the roof
View from the roof

I booked Royal Flower Guesthouse online, as I did with all the others pretty much for my entire trip. It was one of the last I booked, because for price and quality it was hard to split the guesthouses in Pyin Oo Lwin and they all looked very samey. To be honest, the Royal Flower Guesthouse was I think the cheapest I found at $25 US a night, looked clean but unremarkable online. It’s fair to say it didn’t look nearly as nice as Wild Orchid Villa in Bangkok, so I was a little apprehensive about what I would find, especially as it would be my first night in Myanmar and I had little idea what to expect from the accommodations there.

To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re stepping into until you cross the threshold. Up a little street not far from the main Pyin Oo Lwin drag, Royal Flower Guest House looked fine from the outside, but as soon as I stepped into reception I knew I was onto a winner.

Friendly welcomes are big for me when I arrive somewhere. They make the entire town seem welcoming and I am off to a good start straight up. I received one here from the manager who greeted me with a bottle of water and listened to all I wanted to do whilst in town and gave me advice on how to do it. Others in the guesthouse gave me free lifts and answered any questions I had and helped at any opportunity with no thought to making an extra buck or anything like that. Real, honest, open and generous people.

rfg 2

The room itself was spacious, and although cold I asked for extra blankets and they were happy to oblige. Fan on the ceiling, no air conditioning, can’t imagine it ever being needed. King sized double I think, clean room, they didn’t clean it for you every day but if you asked they would. The bathroom was a bit cobbled together, the shower’s taps were more like handles, but the hot water came from the solar hot water heating on the roof and was sensational! The rooftop had a great view and was a great place to unwind and relax. Good wifi throughout the building and on the roof too.

rfg 3

Breakfast was included in the price, there were eggs, toast and coffee. There was more on top – including those white Asian buns with chicken mince inside which were all in all, pretty tasty. If you’re looking for a comfortable, friendly, clean and affordable place in Pyin Oo Lwin, which has a bit to see and do around it as well as being a gateway to Hill country, then look no further than Royal Flower Guesthouse! They don’t have a website but you can find them on TripAdvisor –

Royal Flower Guesthouse on Trip Advisor.

Andrew’s ratings:

Value for money – 4/5

Cleanliness – 3.5/5

Service/Friendliness – 5/5

Location – 3.5/5

Noise/Sleep Quality – 4 / 5

TOTAL – 20 / 25; (80 / 100)

I stayed from 17/2/2015 to 19/2/2015


May the Journey Never End! Next Time I will look at my train experiences in Myanmar.

2 thoughts on “Royal Flower Guesthouse – Accommodation Review

  1. Yum, I love those little Asian buns with the chicken mince and even more when they have pork inside! How great that this guest house that had such brilliant wifi and hot water – sometimes, I’ve stayed in a few top end hotels where that isn’t even the case!

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