Bagan Temple-athon


Folks I’m writing from Nyaung U, in the area of Bagan, where you’ll find thousands and thousands of temples, most dating from the time of around the twelfth century. It’s a truly awesome sight let me tell you, and despite niw having seen a billion and one temples in the last week I have still been blown away.
So the problem of how to blog about them. You see I could get out the guide book and relay information about all the temples I have seen in the last few days but honestly I don’t think you’d get that much out of it and I would lose my entire evening when I need to pack for tomorrow’s early bus to Thazi.
So instead I’ll give an overview of the experience. Ancient Bagan is spread over a pretty wide area. Tourists have to pay 20 bucks to enter the ‘zone’ and they can then come and go from the temples as they like.


It’s a dry and dusty place, especially this time of year. I hired a little electric scooter both days, around six bucks a day, but there are bikes, ebikes (pushbike with an electric motor) which are both cheaper. But harder work.


The bigger temples have had some restoration work done on them and usually are still in use. Many don’t let you climb up sadly and most have bats living inside which means there’s you know what on the ground and of course you have to take your shoes and socks off!


Unlike Angkor, these temples are alike mostly. Nevertheless you can find temples with no one around to explore yourself. There are a number of tourists now, but still compared to othet famous sites in Asia you have room to breathe. Yes, at the main ones there are lots of hawkers selling the same stuff. Watch out for brambles. I rode through some with sandles on, not a good idea!


Food and drinks are pretty cheap here, hotels not the same value for money as Mandalay. Find a temple you can climb at sunset or sunrise and it’s breathtaking. When I’m home I’ll be writing more exrensively. For now I say good night and keave you with some pics…



May the journey never end!


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