Melbourne Travel Expo

Hullo all hope you haven’t missed me too much this week but I have been working like crazy. In fact I have had my first day ooff in twenty days today.


Firstly let me tell you about my day. I headed into Melbourne on this pretty hot day to change some money, catch up with some friends and if I could visit the travel expo. So it was into the city I went. I had a little brunch in QVB -that’s that Queen Victoria Building, brimming with coffee shops and plenty of eateries in a nice little food court. Then I walked to 261 Swanston St where a place my wife exchanged money last year. The rates were so good I decided to change money here for my trip. United Currency Exchange gave me 77.4 US cents to the Australian dollar -the midmarket rate I had checked this morning and it was 77.8, and this place has no fees. How can you go wrong? I recommend them to anyone who needs to change money in Melbourne. After lunch at Snitz -a place where the chicken snitzel rules – the Travel Expo was at hand. After a bit of walking that is. Despite the heat being around 35 degrees there was a breeze so it wasn’t too bad.


This annual Travel Expo is run by Flight Centre and so the main point is to sell fares,tours and the like.  I’ve been at least four times and this year it was the least crowded I’ve seen it. Nevertheless,  although I book pretty much everything online these days, it’s still a great place to get ideas and inspiration. For example, there were some dancers from Fiji, and more pamphletts than you could poke a stick at. I walked away with a few (pamphlets) to inspire me for my future dream trip – to South America- a couple of years away methinks! image


I was interested to see Busabout still going strong, and surprised to find they are now operating in South East Asia. In fact – Burma (that’s what they call it). We went to a Busabout talk, along with a number of folks even older than we were, but it still appears to be for 18-25 year olds, based on partying. The lady giving the talk said they make you stay a minimum of ONE WHOLE NIGHT in each city, such as Paris. Also, their all over Ireland tour goes for an entire week! And I thought I travelled fast! image


Most of their Asian proucts were proper tours though, although their route in Myanmar is almost the same as mine I sadly don’t have the two and a half grand to join it! I tried to get a little info on Thailand, and enjoyed the day without booking or buying anything. Hopefully next year I’ll be on the verge of booking something and will return with greater purpose!

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