The Next Adventure

Yes, finally I can announce that a new adventure is on the cards come February next year work commitments permitting – I should be flying off for three and a half weeks in South East Asia. To actually be thinking about travel again in the future tense rather than the past tense is awesome. The focus of the trip is two-fold –

Firstly to discover Myanmar, or Burma if you prefer. This looms as my shortest overseas jaunt ever so I won’t be getting all the places I’d like, but as far as Asia goes Burma seems like an amazing choice, still not flooded with tourists (although tourism is clearly growing) it has a real air of adventure about it.

I’ve been researching as you might imagine and I plan to fly into Mandalay and have around five days there including a couple of day trips and if I can I want to take the train Hispaw – I was recently inspired by the Honey Trekkers who have an amazing blog and have really explored Burma. You can read their post on the train journey and area HERE.

From Mandalay I shall make my way southwards to the amazing temples of Bagan, across to the Inle Lake if time allows and finish with 2-3 days in Yangon.

Map from Lonely Planet.

Map from Lonely Planet.

Purpose Two of the trip is to return to get back to Thailand where I haven’t been for over a decade and get some good photos of the place. My travels will be limited I expect to Bangkok (I never made it to the floating markets), Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai (I haven’t been to Chiang Rai yet, that may only be a day trip from Chaing Mai), and if I can squeeze it in I really want to get back to Angkor Wat and Siem Reap in Cambodia – capture some more images of the place etc. With really cheap flights available from Bangkok, it’s not that far away!

Elephant trekking - part of the quintessential Thailand experience now for a long time.

Elephant trekking – part of the quintessential Thailand experience now for a long time.

Bangkok - from my 1999 trip

Bangkok – from my 1999 trip

So. Those are my plans. My planned date of departure is the 14th of February. It’s not really that far away. My ‘to do/ to see’ list is already probably far longer than the time I will have to get it seen to. But hey, the thought of travel coming up is always exciting!


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