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Trip of a Life Time – Italy

So, it was from Cairo that I flew into Munich, Germany, and the Eurail adventure was set to begin.  Leading up to the journey, I was really looking forward to catching trains through Europe (as anyone familiar with my blog might guess!) and so I had a pass that 10 days travel across Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and

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Train Journeys – Oslo to Bergen (Norway)

Some train journeys are memorable for the people, the activity, the engine, the atmosphere. Some just to say you did them, but some are memorable because of the view, the location, and one of Scandinavia’s best journeys is memorable for just that. From Norway’s capital, Oslo, travelling westwards to the coastal town of Bergen (a great city to visit by

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A Date With Malaria Part Three

Before I begin the final part of my experience with malaria in a West African nation on my own and thousands of miles away from my friends and family – oops, sorry too much there, I think it’s really important to remember that malaria is still a killer, despite the work that has gone into a vaccine. 90% of deaths

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Trip of a Life Time Part Six – Egypt – Alexandria and Cairo

Moving on from one legendary country (in my mind pre-trip) to another, Egypt is one that can easily catch a traveller’s imagination, right? The pyramids, right? Deserts, oasis, camels, Cairo, I half didn’t think it was possible to go there until I started planning this trip, and come mid-April 1999 I was on my way there. At Frankfurt Airport I

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