World Journeys Podcast Review



Howdy all again. Today and for the next month or so there is no podcast. The podcast will be returning mid-July with a new batch of seven episodes. HOWEVER – today I thought I would give everyone the chance to listen to the first seven episodes again, or perhaps for the first time for some of them. Of course, you can always subscribe here on Itunes.

The main topic discussed over the first seven episodes has been life in Japan, but from now on things are going to be a bit more varied. (I have just returned home from Japan) Episode one featured Michael Eastwood and we chatted about the JET programme and life in Aomori Prefecture, not to mention Japanese groceries and the people of Japan. Episode 2 with Dean H Ruetzler discussed the good and bad of Japan, winter sports and more. Episode 3 with Maxime Savard centred on living through and after the tsunami and earthquake of 2011. Episode 4 was a double bill with James Patrus talking about first impressions and driving in Japan, whilst Miho Terui talked about Japanese food and her time in Australia.

Episode 5 was with Kamilah Harris, and she talked about teaching in Japan and her home country of Jamaica. She was also the first to take the ‘Capital City Challenge’. Andrew Higgins in Episode 6 talked about ugly foreigners in Japan and Maid Cafes, and finally Episode 7 featured Michael Woolhouse who talked about returning home to Australia and the upcoming World Cup in Brazil which he will be attending. Whew! All that in just seven episodes! So here are links to them all on one page for you to listen to! Stay tuned mid-July for a new batch of episodes featuring travel chat, life abroad, culture and much much more!

podcast banner ep1 copy

podcast banner ep2

banner episode 3

world journeys pod ep4 banner

podcast banner 5 copy

podcast 6 banner copy

podcast banner 7 copy

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