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Hi everyone

I wasn’t going to blog at all today, I am trying to restrict myself to five posts a week although at the moment it’s six, when I finally start working (it’s coming!) then I think five will be about the maximum I can manage. But I have a free afternoon and I thought a quick post was in order. I wanted to share a bit of love and point my readers to a couple of travel blogs that have inspired me of late.

I’ve been discovering over the last two months a big network out there of travel blogs, people that read and support each other, and it’s helped me connect and get a few more hits on my blog and I’ve got to say – whatever you’ve seen and done in your life, whatever countries you’ve managed to visit, there’s always those out there who stun you by what they’ve seen, achieved and the way they’ve gone about it.

So I thought I’d turn your attention to a few posts, and encourage you to have a look and if you like them, look further around their website.


Agness and Cez are truly inspirational bloggers. They appear to have done it all! This post below is about a short stay in Singapore and how they were able to get away with spending hardly any money at all. It’s a great post!

Breakdown of our costs in Singapore


2. Fractions of the World

I just love this blog. It’s so amazingly inspiration, with amazing photos and often simple posts, like the one below. Sometimes a photo says it all, and is much easier to digest than my 1500-word ramblings. Tine inspires with every post, and sends a bit through on Google +, and everything is worth a few minutes of your day.

Schoolchildren in the Gambia

3. Life to my Fullest

Sha hails from Singapore, and writes a lot about travelling solo. She writes pretty regularly, and she writes about the experiences of travelling. It’s often very reflective and Sha was also pretty much the first person who commented on my blog when I moved it to Word Press. THANKS! Here’s a great post from Sha –

Five Stages of Travel Envy


4. Diary of a Traveller

Film-maker, a brilliant photographer, and traveller on a bike, Zahariz hails from Malaysia and is presently in China. I have followed his adventures through Mongolia to China, and perhaps he is the most inspiring of all blogs I have read. His photos are always stunning, his portraits moving, and his destinations seem out of this world. I LOVE this blog.

The following post is from Mongolia, just before he entered China, and is truly moving. The photos are incredible and the sentiment is clear.

Traveling through the realm of Space & Time


5. Turquoise Compass

Jessica is someone I discovered around a month ago, and she makes me feel okay about posting nearly every day because somehow she manages too! She’s recently been down to Australia, and I’ve been reading a lot of posts about my home state of Victoria, which I returned to just over two weeks ago now, but she has been so many other places as well it’s mind boggling. Tomorrow there is going to be a great guest post from her here on my blog, highlighting Guyana – making it the first post post (excluding my bucket list) on South America!

Three weeks in Melbourne and South East Australia


And that’s just a start! There are many more out there, I easily could have listed 20! and I will come back in a few weeks and point you, dear reader :), in the direction of some more. Please come back tomorrow for Jessica’s guest post on Guyana! Until then – may the journey never end!



12 thoughts on “Some travel inspiration

  1. Aww, thanks so much for this!! It was an awesome surprise…and I didn’t realise I was your first…hahaha…but thanks! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on lifetomyfullest and commented:
    Thank you very much to Andrew for this – totally unexpected and an awesome surprise to make my day. They say that you always remember your first and I’m happy to be remembered that way. At least SOMEONE remembers. 😉

    He also has an awesome blog built up so do check him out..:)

  3. Let me tell you, you’re far ahead of me by blogging six times per week. I blog every three days… I couldn’t manage any more!! I need to develop the same superpowers you have 😀 Safe travels

  4. Thanks for turning me on to some awesome new travel sites! Would love to know if you would be interested in swapping some travel posts on each others sites? Take it easy

  5. Thank YOU so much for mentioning my blog on your post about travel inspiration. You are too kind and very generous. I’m happy to know that my blog gives you inspiration to see more of this world, even thought you have been following me for just two months. Your blog too inspires me to see the places you have seen. I get excited whenever I connect with a new blogger. I am so grateful for your daily comments and likes; I don’t take those treasures for granted. I’m also looking forward to being the first blogger to do a guest post on your blog. Maybe this will encourage others, like me, to request doing a guest post on your blog. Thank you for sharing these amazing websites (and mine). I was already following two of them, but now I am looking forward to connecting with the rest.
    Stay in touch,
    Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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