World Journeys Podcast Episode Six – with Andrew Higgins.

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Recorded in Ueno Park, Ueno, Tokyo, the sixth episode of the World Journeys Podcast includes not one but TWO Andrews! Fighting off crows and temple gongs, this podcast is a great listen.
Andrew Higgins talks to me (Andrew Boland) about his two years thus far in Japan. Andrew loves Akihabara, he’s even visited a Maid Cafe – so find out what that was like! Andrew also talks about an ‘ugly’ foreigner, you know the kind of person – giving foreigners a bad name wherever he goes!
Andrew chats a little about elementary school teaching as well, shares a number of great stories and we do have a great laugh! So, don’t hesitate, take a listen!

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Next Friday sees the final episode in the first bracket of seven episodes for the podcast. I chat to Michael Woolhouse about being home in Australia after 2 years in Japan, but the main focus of the podcast is Brazil 2014 – Michael is heading there to support the Australian football (soccer) side the ‘Socceroos’ in the World Cup in just over two weeks. That’s NEXT Friday on the World Journeys Podcast – May the journey never end!

2 thoughts on “World Journeys Podcast Episode Six – with Andrew Higgins.

  1. That experience about elementary teaching and the children is interesting, and about English Teacher (Teacher teaching English) being less formal. I suppose it should apply to all language teachers. We want them to talk, to interact. The very means to acquire the language. Thank you.

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