Around the World in 1000 Selfies

selfiestick0Howdy folks. It’s time for a little reflection on the world today and the way things are done. Have a look at the two girls in the photo above I saw one my day trip to Hakone a month ago now. What exactly is going on there? It looks like the girl on the left is holding a driver (golf club) in her right hand. What is it all about?



Maybe you can’t see, but at the end of the stick is her camera. Yes, the girls are taking a ‘selfie’. I’ve often had criticism of my personal snaps when away travelling leveled at me – ‘where are photos of yourself, Andrew???’. I usually reply with ‘well you know what I look like!’ but today, the thing to do is go somewhere and be photographed in front of it right? RIGHT? And now they make bloody sticks so you don’t even have to ask someone ‘Excuse me please, will you take my photo?’ It’s disappointing, because I love to say ‘Yes, sure!’ and then run off with the camera… AS A JOKE of course! 🙂 I come back.


Later in the day in Hakone, on the boat on Lake Ashi, I saw a woman with a ‘selfie’stick’. She spent a good 15 minutes taking photos of herself from various angles. I’m sorry my photo isn’t better. I mean, what HAS the world come too? Are we all narcissists today?


Apparently you don’t even have to be somewhere interesting, here’s a guy in KLIA2 taking a selfie. He did have the whole family up, but obviously decided they were stealing his light. This is just the beginning folks – imagine in a decade, your ‘selfie-stick’ will probably be the first thing you pack!

In recognition of this growing trend, I thought today would be a great day to present to you some of the most amazing places I’ve visited on this Earth in pictures. Do enjoy! Please enjoy the delights and AMAZING scenes of, in oder – Kribi, Cameroon; Altyn Arashan, Kyrgyzstan; Halong Bay, Vietnam; Shiraz, Iran; Sarajevo, Bosnia; Darjeeling, India (I apologise for this one, I couldn’t crop out all the background); Amritsar, India; Multan, Pakistan; and finally how amazing is it to ride an elephant near Chiangmai, Thailand? I present to you, the travel album of the FUTURE –

selfie91 selfie9 selfie8 selfie7 selfie3 selfie4 selfie5 selfie6 selfie1


What do you think? Have we become too obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves these days? Is it something that’s come about owing to social media, or have humans just become too narcissistic for their own good? Have I? (lol please note I had to trawl through all my travel photos to find this lot! and then crop them!). Please leave a comment below. Maybe you LOVE selfies! I hereby pass no judgement.

Tomorrow, Episode Seven is out of the World Journeys Podcast and we are looking forward to the World Cup in Brazil. Join Michael Woolhouse, another Aussie, and myself as we talk about his plans as he jets off to Brazil to follow Australia’s Socceroos. May the journey never end!


  • For starters – some of those pics are from your uni days! And as that was 20 years ago..ahem! I agree that the selfie has overtaken the world. But then i am old (as are you – you finished uni 20 years ago!). And whilst I agree that we are all a bunch of narcissists I also think there is nothing worse than a bunch of photos with NO ONE in them. Did you really go to Egypt and see the pyramids? Or did you just a stock picture from google? I think there needs to be a medium of shots of ‘things’ and shots of folk. The stick is actually good as you can take a pic of you in front of an iconic structure. Don’t forget that in 50 years time when your grandkids are going through your pics they are not going to want to keep the one of the Eiffel tower that you took when the sun was setting. It means absolutely nothing to them. But they may keep the one of you in front of the eiffel tower – whether it was taken with a stick or by a stranger(who either charged you or tried to steal your camera) – it has YOU, the person they love, in it.
    Having said that, if my neice (14) puts one more selfie up on FB that I KNOW has taken her 2 hours to get perfect i may actually HIT her with a stick!
    Hope you’re well and settling in back home.

  • Hilarious! I actually saw someone with one of those sticks for the first time just last week. It was at a resort and I’m not sure if he was shooting himself walking around the pool or everyone else? Stick or no stick I find there are ALOT of people taking ALOT of pictures of themselves these days doing just about anything (and nothing). Not sure if it’s vanity or just a trend enabled by social media and technology??

  • Hahahaha!! I can sense your angst from this post. I would say I’m half/half because it depends on my mood. If I’m bored or I want a specific background on my photo, I’ll resort to selfies…but that does not mean it’s all good though. Which is why they don’t usually get posted at all and left forgotten until I start looking for something to use as a profile picture somewhere…such as here…:)

    • Literally the woman on the boat must have taken 30 shots trying to get the ‘perfect selfie’. I mean I do understand it’s nice to take a couple of pics with yourself. I literally posted 80% of the shots that I have of myself in other countries today! I have visited 69 countries so, you know, I dont have a pic of me in many of those countries. I probably should endeavour to take more of myself I know…. thanks for reading Sha ! 🙂

      • Hahaha…ok, that’s pretty extreme to take so many selfies..I don’t waste as much time as that..but yeah, you should try to take more photos of yourself overseas…but…I confess that I don’t take much of myself either…haha…:)

  • hahaha… even if asking people around to take us photos is much easier, now many people tends to take selfies.

    • Thats true Wannee! You never know, you might meet your future life partner in such a way, asking them to take your picture. Or a good friend, you never know who you miss with no interactions! thanks for reading!

  • I don’t think I’m a narcissist but I do like to get a few photos of myself in the places I visit, my parents complain if I’m not sending them photos with me in them! That selfie stick looks really useful… I don’t always like asking people to take a photo for me, and sometimes there isn’t anyone around to ask anyway, so I probably would buy and use a selfie stick!

  • Nenkin Seikatsu

    If you are traveling the world, there is nothing wrong with taking a photograph of yourself to prove you were where you claimed to have been. Otherwise, it’s narcissistic.

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