World Journeys Podcast Episode One! [living in Japan]

Howdy all! Yes, it has finally arrived! The World Journeys Podcast!

podcast logo 1

I, your humble host, Andrew Boland, will be interviewing and chatting with a number of people this year about travel-related topics, the best of countries, the worst of countries, backpacking, taking a show overseas, the experience of living in another country and so much more.

Mr Michael Eastwood

Mr Michael Eastwood

The topic or theme of ‘travel’ is a wide one and there are so many possibilities, so please join me as I begin this new adventure, my first ever podcast. Podcasts aim to be between 25 and 40 minutes.

The first mini-series of 6 episodes features a range of interviews I have and will conduct with people here in Japan, and focuses mainly on living, working and teaching in Japan. I have a great line up of people with various experiences in Japan, and it’s a really good look at expat life in North Asia (principally).

Michael meets some candidates for election in Japan.

Michael meets some candidates for election in Japan.

Episode One is an interview with Michael Eastwood, who has spent the last eight years living in Japan teaching initially for the JET program and subsequently for a company called Joy Talk. We talk about the different companies and pros and cons, and about the JET program. We talk about the highlights of living here in Japan, about the food and about the people. It’s a great listen and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I recorded it. It goes for about 30 minutes.


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