The Return

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The date is fast approaching now, in May I will be returning to Australia to live with my wife. The final, main piece in the puzzle has been put into place now – my wife’s partner visa came through yesterday ending months of stress and worry about it all. We are very thankful. We worried a bit, probably unnecessarily, but we didn’t really have any contact from the embassy (in Seoul as the Tokyo consulate does not process visas) apart from responses to emails sent telling us to wait. There were just two of them.

It took about six months in total, and considering they quoted us about 9-12 months, that’s not bad at all. And now we face the big move. I haven’t lived permanently in Australia since I left in 2011 on my big trip, that resulted in marriage and two years living in Japan.

From one winter to another, at least the Melbourne winter can’t rival the Iwate winter for cold and misery! It feels like this winter started years ago. The car park is still covered in ice and snow, though today we’ve some sunshine even if it’s not so warm (about 3 degrees).

And all the things that need to be taken care of now, despite the fact that they’ve been on my mind for months, come into sharper focus – work, car, moving etc. Settling back into life. Having a TV! I havent had a TV for three years now!

Don’t worry – the blog will continue. Both here and on Word Press, for the moment at least, and I will still be writing. Tomorrow will see the release of the latest Short Journeys – Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. This is the cover I have chosen –



And of course, if you’re looking for my writings in ebook form, each ebook has a page devoted to it at my Word Press site –


World Journeys


Do visit it!

And thanks for following, a new chapter begins…

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