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Top Ten Countries Countdown Number 4 – Laos

Moving back to Asia, number four in my top ten of countries I’ve visited is Laos. My favourite country in South East Asia without a doubt, Laos has a little something for everyone except for perhaps the shopaholic. Nestled between China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Burma, Laos is not the most frequently visited country in the region, but that suits

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Top Ten Country Countdown, Number 5- Central Asia

Yes, I am going to cheat here and instead of specifying a country, I am going to lump ‘Central Asia’ together in my top ten. Technically I already cheated when I included the UK, right? But for me, Central Asia was the ultimate in ‘different’. I visited Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan over six weeks back in May-June 2011 and had

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Japanese Girl and Boy bands, and what’s the deal there?

So, you know today’s pop music, perhaps more than ever before (let’s be honest this is always an ongoing criticism) has become homogenised and samey? Well, here in Japan they have seriously taken that to another level, and quite frankly, it’s a worry. Yep. AKB48.   Sure, I’ve talked about AKB48 before, and for those outside Japan that may be

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