Backpacking Basics

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Well I have been thinking about epublishing, frustrated at lack of sales and all that, and I thought I would try my hand at a book about the basics of backpacking. A sort ‘how to’ guide for the first-time or inexperienced backpacker. And today I have published ‘Backpacking Basics’ on both Lulu and Payhip. On payhip you’ll find it for 0.99 cents which is a bargain, Lulu won’t give me anything until it’s OVER 99 cents so it’s $1.49. It will also be available tomorrow (Wednesday) on Amazon.


If you are looking for an ebook for yourself or someone else who is about to go backpacking, maybe for the first time, and trying to work out budgets and packing is proving a pain, or you want the lowdown into the hosteling experience, then THIS is the ebook for you!!!




Backpacking Basics (Payhip Link)


Backpacking Basics (Lulu Link)


backpacker cover copy


The Blurb:


Backpacking expert Andrew Boland has backpacked in some 69 countries, but still remembers what it was like preparing for his first backpacking adventure fifteen years ago. In this book Andrew write about preparing and planning for the trip of a life time. He talks about how to plan your budget for a backpacking adventure, how to keep costs down and talks about some of the costs you may not have thought of before leaving.

Andrew also talks in some detail about the hostelling experience, with tips for surviving hostels and the pros and cons of staying in one.


This is essential reading for the inexperienced or first-time back packer. It will give you an idea of how to start planning, and how to organise your budget so you don’t get left short in the wallet in a foreign country. With 69 countries of experience, Andrew talks about his greatest passion – backpacking.


Thanks as usual. Next time, for SURE, Number One in my Top Ten Countdown!

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