No Covid in Turkmenistan?

Hey all. So perhaps the strangest place I have ever visited in my life - in terms of the whole country - is the Central Asian Republic of Turkmenistan, presently shut off to the world due to Covid, whilst claiming to have no Covid in the country itself. So when I saw this video on …

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Tasting Turkmenistan

What can you expect travelling in Turkmenistan as far as food is concerned? Well, it’s still Central Asia and so the staples that are popular elsewhere in the region are as always easy enough to find. If you fancy plov, shashlik or some sort of dumplings, you’ll be well looked after in Turkmenistan. Here’s a rough summary for you of the places I ate at and the things I ate.

City Rumble – Ashgabat Versus Dushanbe

In the red corner, the capital of Turkmenistan. The streets are wide and the buildings are blindingly white, we have Ashgabat as our first destination city. In the blue corner, the leafier capital of almost neighbouring but not quite because of Uzbekistan, where the influence of Russian culture has not been forgotten, and where building and building continues at pace, we have Dushanbe! But if you were to travel to Central Asia, which one would I recommend? Let’s pit them against each other and find out!

Turkmenistan’s Enigmatic Leader, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow may not be a name you are familiar with, or one that can be easily spelt or pronounced, but as I have recently been to the very unique Turkmenistan recently, and considering he's quite the 'dude', I thought sharing this was appropriate. Destination Turkmenistan is made all the more bizarre by it's …

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Turkmenistan – The FULL Story Part Two – Ashgabat, Merw and Mary

Howdy all! Yes, it’s back to Turkmenistan today for some of the world’s most interesting and different travel sites as I explore this bizarre and draw-dropping destination. Last week I presented the fist part – here >>> Turkmenistan – A 5-Day Tour Part One – and today I will conclude this amazing adventure, hard to …

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Turkmenistan 5-Day Tour – The FULL STORY (Part One)

Howdy all. I have planned to write a detailed dissection of my tour through Turkmenistan last year, a country which is a hell of a destination, and one that is generally off the traditional and well-worn ‘travel map’ as it were. And today is the day! I wind the clock back nine months (with 2020 …

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