The Slow Travel Experts! – Interview with Travel Blogger Frank Thomae!

Howdy all and it's another Sunday and this time I am extremely excited to present my interview with Frank from 'The Adventures of BBQBoy & Spanky', a travel blog I have long followed as Frank and Lissette have travelled and lived in many places from Mexico to Croatia. Presently in their homeland Canada, I caught up with Frank to see how he's doing, and what his plans are going forward.

Rochelle Knight – Jamaica’s No.1 Travel Blogger!

And Sunday means it's time for me to introduce you to another travel blogger. This time let's head to the Caribbean to my favourite Jamaican travel blogger, which in my mind easily makes her Jamaica's number ONE travel blogger, and that's Rochelle Knight. When she's not travelling, Rochelle in a doctor and 2020 has, unsurprisingly, …

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Travel Bloggers – The Snow Melts Somewhere

Today I have another travel blogger to present to you - The Snow Somewhere is a great blog featuring some brilliant photography. I hope you enjoy this one! 🙂 The Snow Melts Somewhere is a travel blog with lots of nostalgia and photos. The aim is to inspire people to travel and maybe give ideas …

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Travel Bloggers – Urska from Slovenian Girl Abroad

It's time for another interview with a travel blogger, and this week I interview Urska from Slovenian Girl Abroad. She's got a wonderful blog which I love reading, so please do take the time to visit it! My name is Urška and I’m the blogger behind the Slovenian Girl Abroad blog. As the name of …

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Travel Bloggers – Tim Blight

Hi folks! I am starting a brand new series of blogs to grace Sundays - interviews with Travel Bloggers! I will be presenting some questions that are designed to let the bloggers write heaps about themselves, so hopefully the readers will be interested enough to go and see what they have to offer. Today I start …

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