‘From LA to France!’ Travel Blogger Interview – Rebecca from ‘Rebecca Goes Rendevous’

Yes folks, another ace interview from a most excellent travel blogger. I’m trying to connect everyone to one another and so I hope you all take the chance to look at the travel blogs I present to you.

Rebecca hails from Los Angeles, spent a couple of years living in Normandy and has a great travel blog you must check out called ‘Rebecca Goes Rendezvous’. A huge thanks for Rebecca for taking the time to answer the questions!

  • Hi Rebecca! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. Would you mind starting by telling us who you are and where you’re from, and of course the name of your blog? What do you do when you’re not blogging?

Hey, Andy! Thanks for the question. I am an American from Los Angeles (born and raised) who has lived and worked abroad in France as an ESL teacher. I am back in my hometown where I have made a career change and blog freely on the side at Rebecca Goes Rendezvous. When I am not blogging or at work, I love to run/work out, try new cuisines, and read up on politics and social commentary.

  • Where are you based at the moment?

Los Angeles, California.

  • When did you start your blog and why did you decide to start a travel blog?

I started my blog in 2016. It was after I completed my first year of teaching in France, and I had a lot of stories to share from it and the travels I had along the way. I did have another personal blog that I was running, but I specifically wanted to create a travel blog dedicated to all of my adventures. Hence, Rebecca Goes Rendezvous was born!

  • What do you like to write about and why?

The obvious answer is travel, but I also love to write about politics, race, and other social issues pertinent to society today. I also enjoy writing in French as means of keeping it up, and I write about French culture and its destinations in that language.

  • What have been some of your favourite destinations?

Too many to list! First ones that come to mind are Romania, the south of France, Japan, and Seattle (USA). I think what has made these places so special was that I went in without any expectations, and I was blown away by how wonderful the trips turned out to be. From the foods I tried to the culture and views I experienced, these destinations remain fondly in my memories to this day.

  • Who do you see as the audience for your blog?

Mainly like-minded people who love to travel and/or are interested in continuing to travel in the years to come.

  • What advice would give to someone just starting out blogging?

I would say go in wanting to write, not just for the money. Chances are, you will not last long if your objective goal is to make income without having an audience first. I have unfortunately seen way too many blogs come and go over the years, because of that mentality—rarely do many survive past the first year. Blog because you want to blog and to meet new people in the community. That is a lot more enriching than money could ever offer!

  • What is the hardest thing about running a travel blog?

The hardest part I have found is catching up on blogs I follow. I love engaging with other bloggers and supporting their content, but I do not always have the time to sit down, read their posts, and comment on them. While I have no problem staying consistent with my own blog, I have found it more difficult to stay consistent with others.

  • How has your world changed due to Covid-19? What restrictions are in place where you are right now?

The biggest change would have to be the travel restrictions. My country has not done the best in handling the pandemic, and sadly, the consequence is that we cannot freely travel, lest between our own states. I would love to have the opportunity to travel again, but I understand that we will have to wait until the pandemic blows over to safely go out once more. Patience is virtue!

  • How do you think travel will change due to the pandemic?

At least from what I have seen in the short-term, many travellers are turning to domestic and local trips. Long-term wise, I predict that borders (state and international) will become stricter, possibly even requiring VISAs and other documentations to ensure the safety of everyone who comes into contact with each other. It still is too early to fully comprehend just what will happen, but travel will definitely not be the same anymore.

  • What place would you really like to visit and why?

There are many places I am dying to visit, but the first one that comes to mind is the Ukraine. I visited several of the former Soviet countries in the past few years, and I became super-fascinated by the history of each place while under communism. The Ukraine is one that I have yet to visit, and I hope to go someday.

  • You blog from your home city of Los Angeles. What would you recommend people do and see in LA that is a bit different from the usual Hollywood/Disneyland that many see?

I would highly-recommend getting authentic Chinese and Vietnamese food in San Gabriel Valley (“the 626”), as well as check out the beaches in the South Bay, which are local and less-crowded than Santa Monica or Venice. I have also heard that Silver Lake has an incredible coffee and art scene, although I have yet to see it!

  • How is California coping with the wildfires at the moment?

I think California is handling it decently. The state is susceptible to wildfires in the fall every year, so there are protocols in place to take care of them as soon as they happen. We do appreciate the hard work and sacrifice our Fire Departments make to keep California safe!

  • You lived in France for a couple of years, what were you doing and what were the highlights in terms of travel?

I taught ESL in France for four years, ranging from middle school to university level. Highlights would have to include visiting the southwest and south of France, Romania, Turkey, Morocco, and millions of visits to Paris. Would not change anything from my experiences. 😊

  • Please recommend three posts from your blog you’d like people to read (and why!)

1. A Decade of Travel: My Experiences (January 21, 2020). One of my most-reflective posts I have written as I look back on the adventures I had over a span of a decade.

2. My Bucket List for Europe (November 21, 2016). I began this annual series as a checklist for places I hoped to go while I still lived abroad. I have since been to all of the places I listed, more-or-less!

3. Stories (poem) (June 16, 2017). While I am most-known for my travel posts, not too many of my followers know that I also write poetry. I am a bit out-of-practice, but I enjoy sharing my creative works from time-to-time.

  • Finally, how can people find you on the net and social media? Please include blog address, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and any other channels you use.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rebeccagoesrendezvous/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebecca_travelstheworld/

  • Finally (again!) what are you hoping or dreaming for in 2021?

Realistically, I will probably not be going anywhere for the first half of 2021, because of my job. But I hope to do a road trip to some of the western US states for national parks afterwards. And, given if the pandemic subsides, I would love to return to France or visit Southeast Asia for the first time internationally.

Again, a massive THANKS to Rebecca, and please do check out her blog, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for reading, take care – and May the Journey Never End!

13 thoughts on “‘From LA to France!’ Travel Blogger Interview – Rebecca from ‘Rebecca Goes Rendevous’

  1. I have been following Rebecca’s blog for some time and I appreciate her strong involvement in the travels she talks about, always trying to go beyond the obvious.

  2. I’m loving this series! I already follow Rebecca, but I’ve found some new blogs from your previous interviews and I’m looking forward to your upcoming ones.

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