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Today I have another travel blogger to present to you – The Snow Somewhere is a great blog featuring some brilliant photography. I hope you enjoy this one! 🙂

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The Snow Melts Somewhere is a travel blog with lots of nostalgia and photos. The aim is to inspire people to travel and maybe give ideas about where to go, rather than list facts and details about travel destinations, which you can find with search engines anyway. I want to be a bit more original (if that’s even possible for a travel blogger!) and tell my stories in a personal way.

Writing this blog is a 37 y.o. woman who lives in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I go by the name Snow.


  1. What made you decide to start a blog?

It was a spur of the moment decision. From childhood, I’d always written long letters (and then later on, emails) to friends in different parts of the world – and I love looking at other people’s photos. So blogging seemed like the next step for me. It felt very natural from the get-go. Though I must admit, I’ve learned an enormous amount of things along the way, from the basics of internet marketing to self-editing!

When I started my blog in the beginning of 2015, I had no idea how much fun it would be or how creative blogging actually is – now, it’s my favorite place to channel my creativity.


  1. What have your favourite experiences been away from home/the place where you were born?

I’ve moved around a lot, both in my childhood and as an adult. It took me a long time to call any place home, but I have slowly come to realise that Helsinki has become my home, though I’ve always been on a determined mission to keep traveling elsewhere.

My favorite travel experiences are days in the sun, when I can feel its warmth on my skin and smell the coconut scent of my sunscreen, dangling my toes lazily on the edge of my beach towel. I can hang out at beach destinations for months on end, I never get bored. I slow my pace down and listen to the waves. That’s also what drives me to travel from Helsinki in the first place: the climate and the darkness.


  1. When you write your blog, who are you writing for?

I feel like I’m still writing for those old friends who I used to send letters and emails to when I was younger. Even though none of them follow my blog! Luckily, I’ve made plenty of “blog friends” – and sometimes, I might even get inspired by something another blogger said in a comment to an earlier post. Most of the time though, I just write. I write for someone like me, who’ll understand what I mean. For a kindred spirit.


  1. What advice would you give for anyone wanting to start their own travel blog?

Just do it! (That’s the same advice I’d give to someone hesitating to travel or move abroad when they have a plan and a vision – the right moment is now!)

Make a plan for what kind of blog you want to create, take a moment to think of a good name for it so you won’t have to change it later, and google some articles about starting a blog. Other bloggers are very friendly and supportive, in my experience. You won’t regret it!

As for becoming a sponsored travel blogger – that’s another story. I haven’t even tried going that route. The competition is tough and I’m not sure it would be profitable financially as your only source of income.

The blogging that I’m talking about might be amateur blogging but it’s also passionate, sincere and heartfelt. And that’s why I enjoy reading and following many of the creative, non-sponsored travel blogs out there. You can tell when writing is for fun and when it’s for money.


  1. What do you enjoy writing about most on your blog?

I enjoy writing about specific moments during my travels – moments that I still remember well, for one reason or another. I can almost teleport myself back to that very place and time, if I really concentrate. I start to imagine myself there. And that’s when I feel creative with my writing.

I blog about previous trips – I guess you could say my blog’s an ongoing memoir. There are still more trips to come! I don’t blog while I’m actually traveling, because that’s the time to live in the moment.


  1. What’s the hardest thing about running a blog?

Its addictiveness! I spend way too much time on the computer (and on mobile apps). But when I travel, I turn off all devices and don’t even check my emails.


  1. Please recommend three blog posts you’d like readers of this to read!

These three represent three types of traveling that I’ve done.

Solo traveling:

Traveling for a living:

Traveling with hubby (more recently):

Photo 28-06-15 13 13 58

  1. How can people find your blog and find you on social media?

The blog’s address is

I’m on Twitter as @SnowSomewhere (my blog’s name was too long!) and I’ll be opening an Instagram account pretty soon!

You can also find me on Bloglovin’.

Thanks, Andrew for the interview!


Thanks as well! Take care everyone, And May the Journey Never End!

9 thoughts on “Travel Bloggers – The Snow Melts Somewhere

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  2. Great advice for those starting out. Your travel posts are so readable, Snow and I am glad you are getting recognition here. I think there are some easy mistakes to make when first travel blogging but I don’t see those errors in your posts!
    My travel adventures and blogging also stemmed from penfriends so I can well understand the connection! I love that blogging can lead you to different people from many different parts of the world.

  3. erikastravels

    I love this interview! I totally agree that you can tell when blogs are written for money and when they are written because the author is passionate about the subject.

    I hope you continue to feature travel bloggers, as it is a great way of becoming more familiar with individual members of the travel blogging community!

    1. I’ve been doing the travel blogger series now for a couple of months. I have at this stage another two ready to go and waiting to hear back from a couple more, I’m doing my best to hunt down as many travel bloggers as I can! Thanks for reading!

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