Epic Journeys – Samarkand to Khiva, Uzbekistan

Today I’m talking about the day I left Samarkand, last year, to make my way to destination Khiva, via Bukhara across the Uzbek desert. No border crossings involved in this travel expedition, but it was a journey of around 728 kilometres and there was one key factor I think that makes these sort of journeys epic – I wasn’t 100% sure I would reach my destination by the end of the day. Let's see how it went!

Foto Friday – Maeklong Railway Market, Thailand

The trains of the Maeklong Railway in Thailand, not too far from Bangkok, go through this market area. Tourists flock there to see it because the market is fuly set up across the train lines. When the train is nearly due, they put down their awnings and make way for the train, which has precious …

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Ultimate Rajasthan Itinerary (IMO!)

Hi there. Well it’s been ages since I’ve done a post on itineraries, so I thought I might as well look at my two experiences in Rajasthan and put together what I would recommend doing/seeing if I had a bit longer. Because it’s a large state and frankly slower travel in India is much preferable …

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Train Journeys – Jodphur to Delhi

The final train journey in India for me this time round was the 611 kilometre, 11 hour journey from Rajasthan’s blue city Jodphur to the Indian capital, Delhi. I took the Salasar Super Fast, Train number 22422 in 1AC, a class I didn’t remember booking and one I had never taken before. This was the …

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Turtles, Cricket and Swimming

Welcome ye all to the last post of the trip. This time tomorrow I will be home in Melbourne and the last month will be but a memory. Thanks for sharing the memory with me!   Saturday 7th of April 2018 Ahhhh this was a good day! We headed to Unawatuna, pretty much the next …

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